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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Illusions'
A Teaching from Songee 21st February 2001

Crystal Light Of Love
Traveling the Spiral of the Self
How to Separate Truth from Illusion
The Path of the Dragonfly dispels Illusion

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On the Thursday the 21st of February 2001 Songee comes to be with us after a break of three weeks as Roberta-Margaret had been on holiday.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music ‘Song to the Mother’ ‘Spiral to the Center’ is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: Greetings, greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So where to begin and where to end! It is always good to begin at the beginning and to know that there is never any end.

Very Good.

Songee: And the reason that never ending is there is because everything always unfolding. Nothing is stationary, everything is in transition, everything is moving, unfolding, you know? So as the wordings of the soundings say ‘To spiral to the center of the Soul, where secret dreams and visions do unfold’. And inside all of you there are these secret dreams and visions.

And in order for you to find it you have to travel the spiral, the Spiral of the Self.

Traveling the Spiral of the Self

You have heard me speak to you before time about the spirals of many things, to journey on the spiral to the other world, to the place of your destination in mediations so on and so forth. I talk to you about going on the spiral of 'The Great She Bear'1 ‘The Great She Bear' and that spiral is a very precious spiral, one that needs to be traveled more often. At the moment there are some who overlook the power of The Spiral of The Great She Bear. In the event that you have not encountered this spiral and the stories of the Other World when you arrive there, I will counsel you to begin at the beginning. Do not attempt to find your way on the journey half way through it because - and you do this you will become lost - because you will not have learn-ed the lessons from the beginning.

And in this I give you the Truth because it is important in all things to learn the lessons right from the beginning of the story. When you look at the many stories around you, and every single one of you is a living story, you have to look to the beginnings, you have to look to when the Soul first encountered flesh and became manifest upon the Earth and make its way on its journey through ‘this’ Other World, for to the spirit this is the Other World. For you in this World, spirit is the Other World, however at the beginning of the flesh-life when the Spirit entered the flesh it came onto the Earth and manifest itself and so it begins its journey. It begins its journey with all manner of experiences. Encompassed within the cells of the growing child are the memories of Earth, the memories of all that has gone before and all that is to come. And in the Spirit that enters into that flesh are the memories of all eternity, the experiences of many lifetimes. This is not to taken lightly, it is a very special, very precious thing.

So when you look upon the faces of those around you, look at them with new eye, look at them with the eyes now of knowledge and know that each of these peoples that you are looking at began their life with the memories of eternity and the memories of flesh – as did you. In this manner you are all same, none of you are different. It does not matter where you hail from, where is your place of birth, your tribe or the colours of your skins or the language that you use - all of you are one, brothers and sisters in this life, friends, companions.

So what do you do when one of your friends makes you mad?

You react to whatever it is that has made you mad. You forget to look at the unity that is there and has been there since the beginning of time. You close yourself away from that which is most precious. There is no Earth time left for any of you to indulge yourself in these things. When you indulge yourselves in these things always somebody is hurt and somebody else gets hurt again. And in the process of this is karma created. It is not easy, nobody has say-ed it is easy to walk this path of life. There are many things on this path of life that you have to look upon in yourself, the many challenges that are given to you in this life. Chance soundings, wordings that are sent to you that make you realize something within your being. It may be that you realize that you cannot share yourself with everybody because it is as though some peoples do not resonate with you and that is how it is. You cannot fight that. Songee not suggest you fight it. Indeed to fight it you will loose your power, you will loose your strength, your energy. You cannot make others resonate with you.

To gain strength, to hold strength you have to know yourself, you have to look deep inside your own Soul and know your own truths inside you. Not those that the Dark Energy would whisper into your ear and have you believe, these are not truths – these are illusions,

How to Separate Truth from Illusion

So how do you learn how to separate truth from illusion? You have been given many ways to do this and the most important way for you to find truth from illusion is to know your Doorkeeper, your Guardian, to talk to Oneness and to allow Oneness into your life completely. To let that beautiful energy of Light of Oneness flow through you in whatever way it is needing to be fulfilled. Unless you do this thing you will find yourselves becoming lost, becoming separate from other things and other peoples, feeling as though you do not belong quite the same, as though you are alone. And part of that aloneness you may foster in yourself, believing it is the right thing to do - to foster it in an unhealthy way, in a way that isolates you and keeps you away from the Light and away from creation.

There is a difference between being isolated by your beliefs and your lack of power and strength, and being alone with your creative power, do you understand?

I am still stuck on how do you know you are in illusion in the first instance.

Songee: I am coming to this.

Oh good!

You were speaking so slowly that I actually lost track of what you were saying. I lost it at a feeling of separateness.

Songee: There is a feeling sometimes when you have followed the wrong path. Mayhap you have followed the path of illusion and the path of the dark energies whispering in your ears creating more and more illusions. With all the whisperings in the ear to convince you that you have to be alone, to isolate yourself from other peoples. There is a difference between being alone in order to be creative, to explore your own being and to find your realisations and to face them, to weep over them, to agonize over them and then to find a way of releasing them into the arms of Oneness and placing yourself once more back into the arms of Oneness. That aloneness is healthy because it does not be all of your life. It is only a small part out of your life and the power and the strength that is gained from the Creative Force of this aloneness is not to be ignored. It is to be practiced. And at those times of your life when you feel that you are alone, beleaguered by many things, troubled in your heart and your Soul by many things, that is the time for you to seek Oneness, to seek the power of the Creative Force and bring it into your life. Look into your heart and your Soul. Everyone of you have the gift of life, of sound, of colour, of movement, of words – find ‘the something’ that will express your creative power.

Find it deep within your being and allow it to blossom.

Go deep within you on the Spiral of the Self and find the Creative Power within you.

And as you go breathe the Breath of Life. The Breath of Life is always with you. And when you do this thing and you go inside yourself and you find the Other World of yourself then you will find what is truth and what is illusion. Any whisperings that take you away from the Light, that take you away from the Path of Oneness, any whisperings in your heart, in your mind, in your (?) – these things will lead you away from Oneness and lead you into the hands of the other energies.

To extricate yourself from the hands of the other you have to put aside illusion, there is no other way for it except to put aside illusion. In your world there are many things that teach you about the meanings of things - in your creativeness, in your pictures there is symbols for you to look upon, for you to find the meanings of these things. When you make creative things then you will find the meanings behind your creativeness – the truths that have been hidden from you, from your conscious mind. Go on a little journey for yourselves, take yourself out to where other peoples have make creative things. Where other peoples have put for your eyes to see and your senses to know the creations of their Souls. When you are drawn to something and you are attracted to something it is because there is something in there, the creativeness within that creation of another that is resonating with your Soul, that is telling you something about yourself, don’t ignore it – face it.

And this is the time now of your Earth to do this thing. This is the time of standing still. For the next moon cycle you are in a phase of standing still. This is a phase of where the Light Energies of Creation are needing to remain still like the mountain, perfectly still, looking inside, looking for all the secret ways that are down inside. This is not the time to attempt to make things happen upon your life because the Dark Energies at the moment are arisen up. So this is the time of stillness. This is the time of meditation, of introspection, of going inside looking at yourself, looking at your motivations, looking at the truths and facing them, these aspects of yourself that you may not especially like. For the next moon cycle this is what is demanded of you by Creation, and all of you will find yourselves doing this somewhere or another. To attempt to struggle and wriggle out of situations and to get away from anything is futile. You will not succeed – (?it is separate). You will only find yourselves going round and round and round in a circle so that you start at the beginning and go round and come back to where you started. So that you have this imagined difficulty. And so you start to agonize about it and the Dark Energy whispers in your ears and tells you that it is this and it is that and that it is so on and so forth. And you agonize some more and you wonder will you go this way or will you go that way, Which way am I going to be - downside up or upside down. And you go around like this and you imagine that you have come to some conclusion and then you come back this way and you come right back to the beginning and you kind that you difficulty has not really gone away – how is this? How is this – do you know?

It is because you are listening to the whisperings instead of following the Path of Dragonfly.

You need to follow the Path of Dragonfly. Dragonfly dispels illusions.

The Path of the Dragonfly dispels Illusion

Dragonfly shows you what it is you need to know in your life, makes you face those things – look to the lesson of Dragonfly. Dragonfly is the magical creature that guards the doorway to the Other World. It is coloured with all the rainbow colours that you know. It is shining, iridescent. It has the ability to hover between this world and the next. Its brightness, its swiftness dispels all illusions.

When you encounter Dragonfly in anything of your life, whether it be in your creativeness or whether it is in life and you see the Dragonfly comes to you – it is bringing you the message to say to you, You are suffering at the moment of some illusion, time to face it, to look inside youself and to let go of it.

Butterfly – what is butterfly? Butterfly is transformation. It is learning how to transform yourself from one way of being into another way of being. When you loose the ability to do this Butterfly will come to remind you again and again the purpose of your life and that is to transform yourself, to learn to grow, to become more beautiful - not beautiful in the flesh, beautiful in the Soul. And you cannot be beautiful in the Soul when you harbor dark energies within. You must let them go. Do you understand? Do you have any questions about this?

I’m still caught up with exactly on if you are in an illusion and you go deep in yourself what happens if you can’t find the answer – its an illusion right! Is it that...

Songee: Not being able to find the answer is in itself an illusion child. There is always an answer.

When I was trapped in the Dark Energy just recently there were always answers, I know now they were dark energy answers but even the answers I still believe them because they were very real and they were about real things in my life that were actually happening and they were real answers so what do I do with those?

Songee: You turn to your creativeness.

That’s what I did and the Dark Energy was moved back OK and the voices stopped.

Songee: And the creativeness is the Power of Light coming to show you and the other thing you can do is as I have just given to you is to take Dragonfly into your life, into your consciousness. Learn about Dragonfly so that whenever you need the power of Dragonfly you can turn to it to dispel your illusions.

What sort of things, what manner of things would you say are illusions?

How would we know!

Mayhap I am so fixed in my illusions and delusion I can’t see...

What’s real and what’s not. (Another person arrives at the meeting and is welcomed.)

Delusions are in the form of negative energy aren’t they? Negative aspect of your being.

Songee: An illusion and delusion is anything that is going remove you from the Creative Energy.

That is harmful to the Soul?

Songee: Be harmful to the Soul - maybe harmful to others.

How do you know, I mean I know say it removes you and it is harmful to the Soul and harmful to others but sometimes when you are caught up in the illusion you can’t see that it is harmful to yourself.

Songee: That is quite right, you cannot.

So how do you... You are so caught up in the whole web and go further and further down and how do you actually know...

Songee: Because your energy level disappeared down through your toes.

So you mean that you are really drained and negative and tired and headaches and so forth, is that what you are saying?

Songee: That’s right, and all other manner of things like this.

What about, I don’t know if this totally relates with what we are discussing but in particular at the moment my friend and myself we are experiencing a bit of a thing about money and I are really doing our best like really, but it doesn't get any better and bad things always seem to be happening and exaggerating and continue the problem even though we are doing our best to resolve it and we just say to each other what’s going on. And she is spiritual as well and it not like we as though we sit around whinging about life and we are always attempting to look at the positive and resolving it and stuff but things just keep happening and now my friend is quite sick and is that the same thing is that like an illusion as well?

Songee: You cannot go inside the heart and the Soul of another, you can only go inside your own self.

Well I haven’t got sick but sometimes I do feel upset about things but I don’t feel depressed, not often I do.

Songee: The other, that is experiencing this things, the illusions and being locked in the illusions has to look inside themself to find out for themself what is the truth.

Now I am going to give you a very deep truth that is within many human Souls. There are many aspects about you that you keep hidden within yourselves that you do not share with other people and you don’t share with other people because when you look upon those things with your own eyes you feel emotions of a range between fear...

(end of side one)

You have within you many things locked away and when you get down to looking at those things and the fear and the shame rises up within you.

You create an illusion to protect yourself from the fear and the shame. You protect yourself with an illusion that it was not your doing that something happens and therefore you bear no responsibility for it, and that protects you from the fear and the shame. However at this time that I am speaking about now, for the next moon cycle you have already been in it for one moon cycle but you are going to be in it for another moon cycle – so you might as well make the most of it. This is your time2 to look inside yourself at all those deep dark secrets that only you know about yourself down inside you. The bits of you that have not been clean, that is the best way I can give it to you. Have not been pure or clean in your Soul, and only you know what they are, nobody else knows what they are. You have to find them, shatter the illusions that are around them, face them in their entirety with no illusions about it. Only then will you be free of them. Only then will they cease to have the power to govern your conscious life to draw to you the misadventures.


It is these things that are down inside you, all the resentments. I don’t like this because... That person did that to I and I hate them. And don’t say that you don’t because you do, I see inside all of you and every bit of you, everyone of you, you have got something inside of you like this nature. It is the way of humankinds however this is also a journey, your essence came in to manifest itself into the flesh to begin a journey. Remember at the beginning I spoke of the journey and how all of you began your journey in the same way.

So this is part of your journey, learning how to shatter the illusions that you have around some aspects of your being, the darker aspects of your being, and not allowing them to any longer to have power in your physical life.

When you are sometimes at your most (?)3 in your rejection of other peoples and their ways or anything at all that has been presented to you by other peoples. When you are (?)3 to the point where your body feels as though it is going to explode or you feel as though you want to use your fists on that person – this is one of those very dark places within you that the Dark Energy is tweaking and stirring up. Instead of looking at something and seeing the other side of it and then with compassion saying, Well perhaps there is some valid truths in what is being say-ed or what is being done, mayhap I need to look at I self. And then in the process of looking within your own being you find this little thing inside then you can deal with it. And then you can come back to yourself, your conscious self, and say, Well there are some valid things in that which have been say-ed or done however perhaps the manner or the saying or the doing could have been different and that is what I will say. And that then becomes the truth, you understand?

And when you learn to face this very dark thing inside you, and we are not talking about the shadow side now we are talking about those very deep, dark pitch-black bits of you, and you all have them - these aspects of yourself, when you face them and you shine the Light of Creation onto them, they cease to have the power to attract into your life the miss-adventures.

So, do you have some questions about this? You don’t like to imagine do you that there are these little bits inside you...

Do you have some questions about this? You don’t like to imagine do you, there are those little bits inside you.

Of course there are.

It’s the idea of facing them that’s not nice!

I don’t have that bother, my bother is knowing when it is happening in the first place, that’s what I want to know. I want to know how to know at the very beginning that it is happening!

The illusion?

The whatever, no, the Dark Energy interference in my life, in my...

Songee: That is something that is a little harder for you to learn because the dark energy is very clever, it is very insidious, it creeps in around the edges. It gains your confidence, it encourages you to feel safe and secure. It whispers words of encouragement to you that this is the thing to do, this is the way to be. It encourages you to walk away from the Path of Light, the Path of Creation. It locks you away from those that would be able to see or sense the dark energies that are at work in your life. This is where I am saying to you that you need each other. You need to look upon each other now, to help each other because when one of you is suffering in this way it needs another to come along and to be disconnected from that energy and to look and say, My goodness there is an awful lot of coincidences here. And as you well know there is no such thing, they do not exist. Is that right? Coincidences do not exist, that is one of the illusions of your life.

So somebody comes along and says, My goodness are you sick again? That is the second time I come to see you and you’ve been sick.

When I went to see my friend when I was sick just recently she said, Oh well I hope you get better soon. Which is very pleasant!

Songee: So...

I am just making the comment. You are saying that everybody would say that, oh dear you are sick again and this is not a coincidence lets do something about it, I am saying that there are also friends, I have friends like this who say oh I hope you get better soon and go the other way.

Songee: However how often have you have this situation and you have not have not had this thing done and you have ignored it? This is one of the dark things you have got to look for inside yourself.

I know, I realize that, it isn't always happen.

Songee: So, that is right, however that is one of the dark things you have to look for yourself, and find inside and you have all the things that you need to know to fight it and to get away from it, to get back to creation.

You talk about not knowing if the dark forces are a work in there you don’t necessarily have to be sick for them to be at work, it’s a feeling you always get within yourself, you don’t feel good in yourself. Your body doesn’t have to be physically sick but you can not feel good within yourself and it’s the dark energies at work basically playing merry hell with your being. So you know then as well that you know that it is like that all considering how it is effecting those around you, yeah.

Songee: Every time that you have something go through your mind that is not kind, not good, not creative, constructive. Anytime you have something that goes through your mind that is negative or destructive then this is evidence of the dark energies at work. When you encounter the sensitivity of others you need to have sensitivity yourself, so that when you are saying something although you might be saying something simple behind it you will be sending energies of love for the person to help them to find their way out. Sometimes it is important for people to find their own way out of these things.

I have been noticing within myself that how much negative stuff that does actually go through and it quite (The person makes a face as though something tasted horrible.) sometimes I get really flawed and I have to stop myself and go, I attempt what I do, I get the Breath of Life and I channel love and healing. I have just been noticing it cos mayhap that is where I am at the moment, obviously it is. And its... that’s all, I’m just sharing that.

Songee: So when you take that one step further then you start to look inside and find out how it is that it comes to be able to be there.

Yeah I haven’t done that as yet.

Songee: That’s right. You have to look at all the things that have created this situation within yourself.

What motivated you to whatever it is that you do?

You know. What is it that makes you take an action? What is your motivation of taking an action?

Example, I am going to take the name of Organism4 in vain. Organism had a motivation, a motivation to find the creative energy. Now you may say to yourself, How is this because the creative energy works through Organism all the time? There is a difference between the energies working through and the consciousness having the time and space of Earth to be in contact with it as you have been taught. There is a lot of time and energy been given to teaching everybody else and not any time and energy given to doing and practicing for the self. And every living, breathing humankind needs to some kind of creativeness for themself otherwise they are very sad, very lost individuals. So you have to see that the creativeness is very important, the motivation for the need to go to find the creativeness is for Organism to know and you to wonder about, you understand?

I understand.

Songee: And yet out of that comes creation - things of life, things of beauty and each tells its story. You will only have to guess at the story. You will find you own story in the creations. Organism’s story belongs to Organism, do you understand? And in the same way you have your own story and your own creative energy. What I am doing now for you is challenging you to find it.

Are you speaking about like painting or writing or...

Songee: That is quite right. All of those things. Anything that will create. It may be that you like to make beautiful the place in which you dwell. It may be you like to make beautiful the things that you put on your body, your skins.

Like my exercise books, I spent all day just the other day covering all my 36 cent exercise books for college so they would be beautiful and I would be surrounded by something pretty.

Songee: That is right.

And it was lovely.

Songee: All those things are beautiful things, and they are creation.

Things that you have created for yourself, to make beauty and light around you.

When you are feeling as though the bottom has fallen out upon your world, when you feel as though all of your energy has gone and drained itself down a big sink-hole in the planet, you know - or disappeared through one of the big dark holes in space, when all your energy feels as though it is gone there, this is your time to take a deep Breath of Life, to fly like the bird and to go on the Spiral of Self and to find where it is you need to be to find your creation.

Is that like yoga as well or does it actually physically be producing something.

Songee: You will produce something, creation is manifesting something creatively. Doing this thing that you speak about is yoga is a means of making yourself be in touch with the creative energy within yourself. So that after you have done the asanas (yoga poses) then you can come back and create something beautiful.

What was that word you used just then?

Songee: Asana.


Songee: So you will need to do these thing. It may be that you need to make your body run like the wind, like Windrunner and run and then when you have completed this thing to then say, I have all this power now what can I create with it? What can I make beautiful? It may be that you are going to create yourself a beautiful meal to feed your body because its so hungry after all this running, you know! It may be that you are going to climb a mountain, go for a walk in nature. It may be that you are going to take your body in your chariot somewhere to look at a place of beauty.

Perhaps to look over the ocean and as you are sitting looking over the ocean looking at the colours and the lights, the textures, feeling the breezes on your face of the wind. Mayhap it is raining and you feel the wet on your skin, feeling it - being alive in it and then taking that power and that energy of a life and bringing it back to your dwelling and making a creation of something.

Now, the secret of this is knowing what you are capable of creating. Are you going to be capable of getting out your journals and your scribing things and to write down the experience that you’ve just had?

This is creation.

This is the beginning of you putting down in words about your story. Remember I talk to you at the beginning about your stories, you all have stories to tell. This is your story, the beautiful, beautiful experience of living, of life.

And when you are using this part of creation it is also important to write down all the things that come to you about your illusions. About how tired you are and how somebody said something to you, and how you felt when they said it and what realizations have you made from it and so on and so forth. And how better can you be as a result of the experience. And bringing yourself then perhaps as far as mayhap you do a mandala and make yourself a mandala. This is very easy to do.

There is a very good suggestion...

Next week!

Songee: That’s right. Those of you that would like to learn, Songee show you how to do Mandala. And Mandala is a meditation, it is a meditation journey and I will show you how to do it, how to achieve it, because in the Mandala you will learn all that you need to know about yourself at that moment, not about everything in your life! To do that you have to do many Mandalas.

The here and now will be fine.

Songee: Just for that moment it will give you an insight into your creativeness that will give you some insight into the path that you are on, the journey you are making in this life.

Don’t shut yourself away from those who love you because love is also creation. Love is a dance, you know. It is a dance, it goes from lifetime to lifetime, through eternity and Souls dance together in the Creative Power through many lifetimes. So embrace the dance. It is yours to embrace, yours to have, yours to know – take it to youself, hold it in your heart and never let it go.

So next time we meet it will be the Mandalas, learning how to find yourself at this moment, the moment that you do the Mandala.


Just for a moment I’m just going to ask Little Mother to put on the Sounding, number four.

The one that was running before.

Songee: So everyone close theirs eyes and take a deep Breath of Life.

This one?

Songee: That’s right.

Take the deep Breath of Life and let the sound wash over your bodies. Like cool waters...

(The Music by Kip Mazuy played for Channelled Healing was 'Silk' track four from the CD "Now is forever".)
(The Second Well Trust does not have permission to play Kip Mazuy's music on our website however see more information at this link – Kip Mazuy "Now is Forever")

Songee then went on to take the group through a meditation.

Songee: Some of you will hear nothing at all except the just the peaceful sitting and going to sleep, an you imagine. No more than that will have taken place. It is only that your conscious mind does not remember it when this happens to you. Whatever you have that comes to you, everything has meaning for it, every colour, every form it has meaning. It has come to tell you something that you need to know for your life right now. The part you are walking now. And this is where you have to start becoming, (?) it, at looking for the answers. This is where the work begins in the conscious self, your subconscious self, you're hidden self has already given you all the clues or any information that you need, now you have to sort it all out. Of course you can just say, well that was a beautiful experience, and not go any further with it. However, I will say to you that when you do this thing you are passing up a very precious opportunity to find out more for yourself. Has anybody got any questions? Perhaps I’d better go now.

Thank you, Songee... Very much.

Songee: And I will go and leave you with the power of the dance and your stories.

So Be It

So be it.


1. 'The Great She Bear' - Link
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2. 'Moon time' - This ‘moon time’ that Songee speaks of is when the moon passes between Earth and the Astrological Signs as the each sign has different effects as the moon shines down onto the Earth. In 2001 from the of 21st February the moon was in Aquarius. Every 3 days approx. the moon moves into a different sign so by the 28th Feb 2001 the moon was in Tauris. It’s the effects of this moon pattern that Songee is referring to.
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3. (?) Maybe the word is Averment – 'a declaration that is made emphatically as though no supporting evidence were necessary'.
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4. Organism – This is the name Songee uses when She is referring to Roberta-Margaret.
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"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them." SONGEE
Please remember that Songee's words are copyright to The Second Well Trust and the copyright of the music remains with the Artist.
We invite you to download and make copies to share the Songee Teachings with your friends however please do not rewrite or publish Songee Teachings on your own website, magazine or similar without permission from The Second Well Trust.

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