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Forgiveness is a Happening

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Forgiveness is a Happening'
A Teaching from Songee 5th April 2001

Direction of the Dream Spirals
Symbology of the Black Bird
When there is a lot to learn
In the Days Ahead
Songee finding questions
How to find the answers
The Myths and Legends
How to interpret a reading
Preparing ourselves for our day
Free Will
Karma Affecting our Destiny Path
Grumpy People at the end of Life
Euthanasia Abortion
Euthanasia for animals
Forgiveness and Freedom
Forgiveness is a happening
Forgiveness - continues

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On the 5th April 2001 eight people gathered together at our venues in Pt Chevalier in Auckland, New Zealand. A discussion took place about trance channeling. The Crystal Light of Love was spoken to the Gathering.


Songee: I am here, greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I this night?

Direction of the Dream Spirals

Songee I have got a question. You know when you talk about and guide us on these dream spirals and stuff is there a certain direction this spiral goes, when you go in and when you come out? How does it...

Songee: It always goes to the centre, you step onto the spiral and it goes like so.

In an anti clockwise direction?

Songee: It goes into the center.


Songee: That is right.

So when you come out do you go in a reverse action?

Songee: When you are coming out, you're going to come back this way is that right?

Ok so anti clockwise in and...

Songee: And it is this shape, not this shape. This shape you would be walking on your side.

Oh, ok.

Songee: So you have to step on the spiral this way up is that right...


Songee: ...for your mind's sake, otherwise for you to step on the spiral - you certainly you can step on spiral that is this side up - there is no law that says you cannot or this side up and you can, or supposing you want to do this side up, you can do this side up there is no law to say which you going to do. However whichever one you going to walk on, it is important that you be aware that you're going from the outside to the inside, always.

Do you know the reason?

It was just, it was just going the question through my mind. So what is, what is the reason?

Songee: Because when you go in this way this is the symbol of the emotion so you're going into the emotion, you know. Symbol of water, of Neptune or Poseidon, you going this way. You know?

Is it a positive or negative emotion Songee?

Songee: Oh it's always positive.

Because winds, if that was a wind that would be going into bad weather.

Like a tornado?

Yes or no, normal wind patterns, they reverse the other way.

Songee: To go this way means that you're going to - certainly there is the same analogy there because it is not negative - however it is going to stir you deeply because when you have these great winds that come in this manner of movement, they go down do they not, and they start up here and then they put down the root you know. So they go down into the emotion, this is the symbology of it.

Anything else?

Symbology of the Black Bird

The other day, sitting in the lounge and it was a very windy day, and I've got a (?fickle thing) on top of the chimney a (?) they call it, and it spins around the wind and a bird, figured it was a baby black bird because they are slightly grey, came down the chimney to me and down the bottom and made a noise and Barbara said it was a bird. The next minute it flew out and made to the window and scratched around there and I went down to the shed and got my little net, hand net for fishing, and caught it so it didn't get knocked around, and took it outside and it flew away. And it's been hanging around all the time round the front and then I go outside and it comes down around there. I'm sure it's the same bird. There's a lot of different, I know you look at the green book but it was actually in during the day, there's a lot different versions of a bird flying into the house but what would there be anything on that?

Songee: You need to look up for yourself to find this thing. Birds are messengers, messengers of renewal, some message from Spirit about something for your life. The Black Bird is not necessarily a bird of ill omen, it is a beautiful song bird, it brings great joy with its singing. It has one of the most beautiful songs in the Bird World next to the Lark perhaps, is that right. It is a beautiful song and as such it is coming to bring you a message. To find a similarity you would need to look, you need to look to Crow. Although Crow does not have a very nice voice, crow has one of the not so nice voices of the Bird World, you have a similar colouring of creature. However remember that the little Black Bird is very gentle bird, it is a herald of a new dawn of the beginning of something new.

(Long silence)

Songee: Come along I am not going to keep looking into your heads and finding and fishing everything out.

When there is a lot to learn

I have been preparing myself for some kind of teachings for people, although I have to learn a lot yet, would there be any advice?

Songee: Always tell the truth...


Songee: ...always be humble and where ever possible learn to empathise with those that you are going to teach – walk in their shoes...


Songee: matter what the subject. That does not matter then how much you believe that you know or don't know in your life you will find that this will stand you in good stead. Also to learn to listen to your Doorkeeper and Guardian and the inspiration of the Creative Power because when your mind locks up and you cannot find the answer that is when you need to let go of your control and allow for Spirit and Oneness to guide you.

Affirming them.

Songee: So often in life on this Earth you will all find that you will be governed by the laws and the rules and the regulations of the society, the tribe in which you live. You will have to live by those laws of that group of people no matter where you are, whether it is in the place or earning your coin of life, or whether it be within your family or the larger community of people around you, you know.

However within those boundaries you can learn to use your imagination, your inspiration, to step beyond without breaking any of the rules, you know, it is possible to do it. However you have to learn how to do it and you have to become an adept at it and that is all part of your growing and learning as you go through your life, especially when you walk the Path of Light and the Path of Service to Oneness. It is very essential to learn to walk that path and learn to become adept at it. Some peoples do not become adept until many life times of practice, so don't beat yourself up when you don't become adept in the first few weeks of your practice. Do you understand that?

Don't be too deeply concerned, keep practising, keep practising. There will always be somebody who is better than you and somebody who is not so clever as you at it - or so it will seem. Be aware of the level of your own proficiency and celebrate it, acknowledge it to yourself and give thanks to Oneness for it.

(Long silence.)

Songee:So many questions and nobody's asking them.

Where to go next in life? What's the next step for I to take?

In the Days Ahead

At the moment for the next short while of Earth you need to hold true to yourself, to what you have gained so far, to what you have learned to this point of your life and practise everything which you have learned in your life. Do not attempt to push yourself forward with anything just now, it is time at this point to be alert, to be aware and to stand still. To go inside and to find the quiet places inside of you so that you will garner the strength to do what you need to do. I have sayed to you before time that you need to be like the mountain, you know, like this and it is the same you need to be like the mountain, only the mountain is very powerful, really strong. However the mountain at the moment is very silent.

How long is that going to last for Songee, that period of time?

Songee: Not for many of your earth days. It will be... the changes will come at 170 days and will come to a new phase by 180 days. There will be very slow changes taking place over this time. You will start to feel the difference after 90 days or so, you know something very close to this. The changes will begin to manifest very slowly, the stillness will move to movement, there will be some movement, there will be some lightning coming into your lives.

Up until now, there has been a period of earth time where all of human-kind have had to submit in part and to a certain degree to the rise of the Dark Energy over the World. The Forces of Light have not been defeated however the Forces of Light know when to retreat. Just as in a battle sometimes an army will need to retreat and to gather its strength and to add new numbers to its fold before it begins to move forward and advance forward once more, you understand this. And this is how it has been.

The Forces of Light have had to retreat, now the Forces of Light are waiting like the mountain you know, waiting patiently. It is not a passive waiting, it is an active waiting you know, because although the mountain is still, it does not move and it's very powerful, inside the mountain there is activity you know, there is preparation going on, preparation for the Light Forces to begin to rise in the World once more.

Now this is not bad thing that has happened to the World it is part of the Cycle of Life, always there is new birth as in the spring and then you have the summer and then you have the autumn when you gather in the fruits of your labour and then you have the winter where you go and you sit quietly in your little cabins and you get yourself all warm and cosy and you wait out of the winter months, you know.

And this is your time. You are in the space of Spiritual winter, it does not necessarily coincide with your earth winter - you cannot equate the two things. You can use nature to give you some description of what you are experiencing on a spiritual and emotional level, sometimes in mental level also, however - and the physical - however in the spiritual it does not necessarily coincide with the earth cycle. It may coincide with ah earth cycle in one part of the Planet. It is that one part of the Planet has now almost completed their physical earth winter. Is that right? However you have completed your earth summer and autumn - so don't be conflicted by some of these things.

Now the portents when you do some of these things, these are forecasting of things, will give you some idea, a little present, a little gift of how to find where in your cycle of time of earth that you are going to be affected in this part of your World, you understand. So when you are looking at finding this thing out you look to see what the portent is. Now it may be that it says that the Light will go beneath the ground at the time of the 8th moon cycle1 and then may say to you that it will surface once more at the 10th or the 11th moon cycle, and then you will find that it will go to the 12th and the 13th moon cycle and begin once more at the beginning.

Remember there are 13 moon cycles, you must remember this – 13 moon cycles. So when you follow the moon cycle you are following the true pattern of life. The pattern you have that you live by in your society and your tribe says that you have to count your days in a certain way, is that right. However for the purpose of this looking ahead of time you need to look to moon cycles because that is going to give you a much more accurate divination.

How do you find it out - you need to practise using the many tools that are within the knowledge of human-kind that have been passed down through the many, many, many cycles of life of human-kind. You have many ways to do this thing. That is one way doing it, the other way of doing it is to sit quietly and ask Oneness, to ask your Spirit People to tell you, is that right.

Songee finding questions

I've lost track of what we're supposed to be finding out just whatever is needed for any of us?

Songee: What I am giving you is answers to questions that are in people's heads.

Not in my head that's the reason I can't understand what on earth is going on.

Songee: I answer the question and another one popped up so I'm answering that and another one pops up so I answering that and another one pops up so I'm answering that and so on and so forth.

Well if these people spoke their questions out loud then I would know what you are talking about.

Songee: Oh they don't know how to open the Throat Chakra you know.

If you speak to Oneness and you don't hear an answer...

How to find the answers

Songee: That is when you use the tools of life. I was about to answer that question I heard that one and Little Mother asked her question.

So what I was about to say was when you are not able to hear your Spirit People or able to hear the answer from Oneness and you have not yet attuned yourself to learning how to read the signs that come to you from the scribblings and from your dreams...

And from the Black Bird in the house.

And your Guardians or Doorkeepers...

Songee: ...then you can use all the other tools that are there for you. There are many forms of divination is that right...


Songee: You have, ah human-kinds have had many, many forms for manys, manys of your cycles of life. You have Arcana, you have, ah you have...

Tarot, Runes, I-Ching.

Songee: That's right and you have Necromancy although you won't want to enter into Necromancy I'm certain. You have crystals from the ground and so on and so forth and so it goes.

And it would also Astrology be also in there.

Songee: That is right, very ancient things, these are with you they have been with you human-kinds for many, many of your cycles of life.

Before these came into knowing that is very true, how did they come into knowing. Many moons past when there were beings on the earth that had no seeming intelligence how did they get from there to learning about the Stars and the Heavens and the movements of things in the heavens.

The Myths and Legends

Well through all of the different tribes of the World there were many stories - how many times have I given you this about the stories of human-kind, all the myths and legends that you have. Go and find the scribblings about them they would give you much to ponder upon because it is in the stories that have been given to the childrens and the childrens growing given to their childrens and so on and so forth. And before the time when things were scribe-ed down it was always given from the mind, from the memory to the people and the people would memorise it and then pass it on to their childrens. And they had to memorise it exactly, they were not allowed to make one change in it, not one change.

So the accuracy of that telling was pure until the first person developed the first scribing down to save having to remember. And then the little discrepancies begin to creep in because it's easier to speak the word than it is to scribe it. It is faster to speak the word than it is to scribe it. So in scribing it was decided that interpretations could be made to make what was being said shorter.

That's easier.

Songee: That's right and that made it easier to put this story to other people however in doing so they changed the story... and every human-kind changes the story.

So would that apply Songee if two people were doing a Tarot reading for instance on one subject but they may not be likely to come up with the same reading?

How to interpret a reading

Songee: That is right, they don't necessarily come up with the same reading, this is because each individual that is using their skills uses them in a different way. Also too because they are integrated in their body, their ego-selves are still within the body, they will interpret what is being sayed to them in a certain way. Sometimes it may be that Spirit will say to them this person needs to not go out in their chariot, they going to have a great crash in their chariot. And the person will say, Oh there may be going to be something wrong with your chariot, you need to be careful because if something could go wrong with it. You know. This is only a little example, I'm not saying that people do it on purpose they don't, it is unconsciously done, it has become learn-ed among human-kind to do this thing. It is not a deliberate lie it is simply that they have changed the interpretation of what has been sayed instead of saying the truth of what they hear.

Sometimes the peoples that are doing this thing for other peoples hear information, and are sensitive to information that is given to them, that may be disturbing to the person who is there to receive the knowledge, you know, and it does happen.

So what is the person to do?

Without making the person so frightened that they ignore the message or never ever go back to visit Spirit energy again, they need to learn 'how' to deliver such a strong message and convey the importance and urgency without frightening the seeker. That requires a lot of skill and a lot of practice. And too many people in your World do not have this skill, do not have this ability to do this. They will get the information they are very accurate with their information and very destructive in the giving of it.

So this comes to what you're saying before time about how you can best teach what you need to do to prepare yourself. You need to always be honest, to always have integrity, you know - always tell truth and always have integrity. So for example were you to say to somebody, I have discovered something here that may not be much to your liking and I need to seek to find the right words to give you the information so that you can best take action for your life. Now it may be that this thing has been seen and you can say to the person - I have seen in your portent that there is a time of danger for you while you're driving your chariot, you cannot avoid the danger however you can lessen it by being alert, by being watchful, by making sure your chariot is in all good order and the keeping yourself alert for this amount particularly of your earth time to come and you can ask your Spirit People and Oneness to give you some time. And although they may not like it they will appreciate that you have given them a warning and are not attempted to make it less and yet you have given them the tools by which they can learn to protect themselves, and then having taken all precautions and care of all considerations it may be that they will come through their danger.

So when Organism gives a reading from I-Ching that's a general reading it's not a specific reading for anybody...

(end of tape)

Songee: It is something that resonates with an individual. Some peoples resonate better with the cards of the Tarot, other peoples resonate with the Runes, other peoples with something else you know. The I-Ching is a very, very ancient form of divination. The I-Ching has been in existence possibly longer than the Tarot. The Tarot came into force after, it is part of the mysteries of the Kabbalah - that is part of the Hebrew Faith. So to answer your question about accuracy - when, when this thing takes place this portent is thrown for the purpose that it is thrown. It is made to be for all peoples who are vibrating at that level of awareness you know, and for the peoples that are not vibrating at that level of awareness however those peoples will not read it, it does not mean they will not be affected by it, you understand.

So when this portent is strong there needs to be a complete focus, a focus and visualisation where all the senses are engaged for the purpose of this portent and that is what takes place is complete focus and commitment to that task for that moment for the purpose of giving the portent for the days to come. It is possible to do this thing when you have this focus.

Now when you are - any of you working with these tools, when you go to make for the portent and whether it be Runes or Tarot or I-Ching, you are not including astrology at this point because that is a mathematical precision divination - what we're speaking about is not precision mathematical in sense that Astrology is you know. When you are doing this portent it is subject to whatever is going on in your life, your energies are swirling about your aura, your light energy is very strong and when you do this thing supposing your mind for one second leaves from the focus of the question that you have put to it and goes to something in your life - that is what the answer will be not the answer to the question.

Now supposing, I have little funny for you, I'm going to take Organism name in vain because when Organism is making scribblings for ah the Runes and bringing together all these different things together for the Runes, Organism is busy attempting to bring all of these things together and then your bells ring and somebody wants to speak to Organism, Organism speaks to this person of the bells and puts it down and does this ah divination and it is the answer for the person that was on the phone with the bells you know. This happen all the time until, until Organism then went to go to sleep and go on the Dream Spirals and then when all the World was still around in this place of living Organism was awakened by Spirit and told, Now go and do these Runes and do the divination for the Runes now, because there will not be the bells, there will not be anybody tapping on the door and so on and so forth and so it became completed. That was how it became completed.

So the same thing has to happen with the I-Ching and with the Tarot and the Runes when you're doing this thing, you have to be focused upon what your question is, what you are wanting to know in your life now for youself and you must put everything else aside from you.

Now one of the things that you can do this, and I'm answering your question about this how do you do it, you do it by preparing yourself. Those of you that are not able to sit yourself in a place of quietness and focus yourself and, and keep yourself focused on this without the slight detour one way or the other you can prepare yourself. You can find for yourself the right time of your day, you'll find for yourself a light to have - a candle for yourself. You have something nice to make the room smell nice and you sit quietly. Mayhap you put some soundings on, when you put soundings on make certain there is nothing in the soundings that have words in it, because an you have something with words in it your brain will pick up the words, your brain will start to go on its little journeys like this, and you will get a reading for whatever that journey is. So make certain it is something that is not of the wordings.

The reason for this is because with the sounding the sounding is something you can focus your ears upon rather than the sounding that might be outside of you. Switch off your bells, remove all distractions from around you that would bring energies into this thing. Even the little wolf must not be with you or the tiger, do not have them with you, you have to put them to one side while you do this thing because they will bring their energies into this thing and will colour it because whether you are aware of it or not your consciousness will be tuned into them and their minds will be tuned into you and there is communication between you so that it will colour what you get for your portent. Do not have any other human-kind with you when you do this thing. Do it by your own self.

These are the things that you need to do while you are learning, you are not yet adepts, you cannot do it. When you are adept then you will be able to do it no matter what is happening around you without the interference you will be able to be focused upon it.

So in the meantime until we become adepts how we manage it? As best we can.

Songee: That's what I am giving you to do it...

Do all these things.

Preparing ourselves for our day

Songee: all these things, prepare yourself, prepare your environment, make certain you are alone in it. Say your prayer to Oneness to open yourself to open your chakras. Your prayer of submission to Oneness. And when you have completed this thing you say thank you and you close yourself down, you know, you must go back the other way.

Come on out with it!

So what happens if you don't close yourself down?

Songee: For those that are not practised at closing themself down and they don't do it they will find that they will go about their life, they will seem to be very well in their life and after a few days they will begin to start to find that they cannot wake up in the morning and that they don't have any energy that's all they want to be ... Is that right?

So what's happened?

Songee: They have open up all these chakras and they are not being managed and they don't have any ability to manage their own mana so it goes out and out and out and out and nothing much comes in because everything is going 'out' this way you know and this happens with people when they are learning is very very...

So what form of closing yourself down are you meaning?

Songee: You need to be 'formal practice'2 of learning how to open your chakras and how to close your chakras, to breathe to do the breathing and bring your colours out and speak to Doorkeeper and Guardian and do the work you're going to do whatever it may be and then close them down.

So do you in the same way that we have done in class?

Songee: That's right, that's right, so you can learn to do this thing.

I will answered that (a question in somebody's mind) - when you are going to your daily work where you earn your coin of life, you can open your chakras before you go provided when you return from your place of working you make certain that you wash your body from head to toe and cleanse yourself of all the things of your World and ask for your chakras to be realigned and closed. Certainly until you are adept you need to do this. You don't do this then for awhile then you get very tired once more.

Closed or slowed down?

Songee: For those that are beginning they need to ask for them to be brought back to a level that is comfortable for their time of day that they are living now. It may be that they need to go to sleepings, it may be that they are going to go out into the night and need to have themselves to be a little more alert than going to sleepings you know, so your chakras need to be cleansed, realign and they need to be vibrating at the level that you require for your activities that you have got ahead of you. Does that make sense?

How are you going to go about realigning your Chakras?

Songee: By washing your body from the top to the bottom when you come back from your place of earning your coin of life. This is talking about earning the coin of life - the question was what do you do when you go to earn you coin of life because it has been sayed before time by Songee that you can open yourself to your work to bring Oneness energy into your work. When you are learning and you are practising it is important that you don't over-reach yourself therefore when you come back home to your place of living then you can put yourself under the waters of life or get into the waters of life or you can put some waters of life into a receptacle and wash your whole body down with it, you know. You can go and immerse your body and swim. Whatever you do it goes from the top to the bottom and as you're doing it you make a conscious effort –

'Cleanse I of everything, please help my chakras to be cleansed and realigned so that they will vibrate at the level that I need for the rest of this day.'

A very simple prayer is not.

You can make whatever wordings you like however be very careful because what you ask for you will get. You want energy, you will get energy - so sometimes it's good to say,

'I have activities for the rest of this day please grant I the energy for those activities – and then when the end of my day is completed I ask for sleep, the healing sleep.'

So that you don't stay through the whole cycle you know, this is part of what being closing down is about it's not that you are switched off completely it is that you have slowed everything down to a usual way of being so you're not open to everything that is around you. You have got - how say I this – it is like, ah that's it thank you Little Clam – it is like filters that come through the lights on the machine it take pictures with you know.

Camera. A yeah photographic camera.

Songee: It is like this. The word I get is filters is that it?

And in front of one of its lenses you can put colour filters which are like coloured pieces of plastic or glass is that what you're meaning?

Songee: And it changes the nature and the energy of the light that is coming through, the energy that is coming through, that is right. So when you close down this is what you're doing, you are in effect filtering out what you don't need.

So you're returning to a normal state?

Songee: I say usual state. You can say normal state.

So you're returning to a usual state?

Songee: Something that is usual for you.

So your brain patterns that would be in a usual state.

Songee: That is right. When you are open your whole being is open mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and everything is heightened. Your awareness is heightened, your empathy is heightened, your intuition, your inspiration with the speed at which you can function is increased.

That happens after your brain cycle slow down doesn't it. Your brain cycle slowing down to open yourself up to have that expectation...

Songee: Not an expectation because that will not work. Then when you open yourself up and you bring the colours in to make the chakras speed up it integrates all of yourselves all of your bodies, and it makes them more alert, more aware. It also gives them energy through to every cell of the body so that the body does not feel as much pain, does not feel tiredness in the same way that you would feel it were you not to be open to this. In the physiological body you would find that you have got an increase of adrenalin - that's a physiological.

However in the emotion and spiritual it is a little different because you don't have adrenalin in the emotion and in the spiritual however the adrenalin of the physical body alerts all the tissues and it alerts the mind and opens it up to feel the possibilities, widens its horizons and that then - we have this with last time 'interphases' with the emotional body and with the spirit body you know that is driving the Soul, we had this before, so that all happens when you open your chakras up.

So when you go back to your place of living you need to bring some calmness to you. You need to return your awareness to a more simplified state because although being open is a very simple things it's also very complex because it means that you're open to everything in the World around you.

Somebody is feeling pain, you will feel pain - that's supposing you are empathic. Somebody has something go through their mind you will sense it and it may go through your own mind, you will telepath. It may be that something will go through your mind and somebody else that is there will telepath with you, will hear what you're saying you know, because you are open to the World.

Does that answer your question or does it raise more?

No, no I've just realised with the part of the breathing, the breathing when we are opening the chakras, the part that the breathing plays.

Songee: So that is good.

I just realised what was happening.

Songee: So what else is there? What else is there, anything...

Free Will

I have been wondering is (?) free will, why is it an illusion? Do we use the wrong word?

Songee: That is a very big question that everybody asks it you know. You may have whatever concept you would like to have - I have to say that first of all, you want to have a belief in 'choices of life', you want to have a belief in 'free will of life', then have it.

What I am teaching you is that when you are ready to look deeper you will discover that this is an illusion because it was set before you came to the earth, path you're going to follow. We have done this thing before, for most people this is what happens, you follow this path.

Although, is it possible that some people who commit suicide, was that also their path or...

Songee: No, that is, that is a Soul going against the Destiny Path.

How does it fit with free will?

Songee: It does not fit with free will, because they do something like this rather than face the Destiny Path and to continue with the Destiny Path. On a soul level they have awareness of their Destiny Path, they know what is ahead of them in their life, they know the struggle and that they have possibly to have overcome in their life, and on a soul level they reject it. On the physical level their minds are not balanced - their minds are out of balance, you know, their emotions are out of balance...

The pain is too strong.

Songee: ...and this combination of things with a weakened Soul, because the Soul is weakened, and has given up, this creates the environment for them to take an action that goes against the Cosmic Law. That is what makes it possible, does not make it right however we are not to sit in judgement – 'we'. So you have to acknowledge that this Soul has reached the point where it doesn't want to be here anymore on the Earth and so seems to have made this decision. It is not made in the mind...

Ah the Soul does have like a free will?

Songee: It is the Soul, the Soul is driven by the Spirit, the Spirit is the charioteer and the Spirit says, I'm not going to do this anymore, come along Soul let's go. And it is made at that level, not made in the conscious mind. It is transferred down to the conscious mind so that action may be taken.

Oh yes, yes mind is just a tool, of course there is no power...

Songee: Now, when the Soul and the Spirit return, Spirit returns to Spirit is greeted by the peoples that are there, the peoples are saying don't do this, you do this you are going to have to go back, do this you're going to have to make atonement, you do this there's all these other things that are going to happen around you. Don't do this thing. And Spirit says, I don't care what you say I'm coming Home. I want to start again.

And so the Spirit goes and comes Home however it is an illusion of 'free will' because the Cosmic Law says that you must remain in the life to learn all the lessons you have set for yourself to its completion. The Law says that when you have completed that life you go back and look at all the things you have learned and all the gifts you have given to the Earth and the gifts that the Earth has given to you and the peoples around you, the other Souls. However when you don't honour the Destiny Path even when you have been told in Spirit that you need to honour it, then you have to come back. You have to face the Council of Twelve and you have to find out what you didn't learn of the life, and you have to come back and what you didn't learn of that life is added on to the next one.

What's incurred by entertaining the idea of suicide and not taking action?

Songee: It is a little like having lustful thoughts...


Songee: ...and I am using your bad word on purpose because it is a little bit like this. You get the lustful ideas however you don't necessarily follow them out, you don't necessarily take action on them do you?

No that's right.

Songee: And you are human kinds living in human body, you are all subject to feelings of hope-less-ness is that right?

That's right.

Songee: Despair, fear. When these things come into your mind you have been, all these things happening inside you already and you have the Dark Energies whispering to you - this would be a good idea you could do this thing and so on and so forth. And sometimes, I'm going to step a little aside from the path that you are on, it's part of it, it goes like that next to it - sometimes when you are very, very good at the work you're doing for Oneness and you are being very effective in the work you are doing for Oneness sometimes the Dark Energy will get very, very strong and attempt to make you despair and fear and have self doubt and all those manner of things more and more, and sometimes it will make that battle seem as though it never stops and it is because you are so good at what you do.

So when you are feeling at the worst of this thing, that is when you say, Ah ha I must be doing a good job for Oneness because I've got all these silly whisperings going on in my head and my heart they can't be true I'm going to not bother with them. That's one way of doing it. The other part of it is that it is also can be helpful to you because you can use these whisperings to find out where your weak self is and make it strong by facing these inside fears that are coming up for you and to the surface. So you can say thank you to the Dark Energy for making them look bigger and say, My goodness, I didn't know all that was inside of I thank you for letting I see, now I can do something about it and make it become healed and become pure with the light of Oneness.

So you can do this thing also. When you are not in the right place of being within yourself to manage this then you find somebody else who can be channel for healing energy for you and go and find them. Supposing you are not in the same place of living and you have moved to another part of your World then you mayhap simply open yourself to Oneness and to Spirit and to all the people that you know that are channels for healing energy and say, Please I need it, come come to I, I need it. And it will come to you because the peoples of the World that are tuned in to the Light will pick up your call for help and it will come to you instantly.

I know I went a little bit further but that's what you needed to know is it not?

Yes, yes.

Karma affecting the Destiny Path

How does the repayment of karma affect the destiny path?

Songee: How does it affect it? Well first of all when you elect to come to a life and you have sorted out all the many things you're going to have upon your life and the karma you're going to pay, you arrange to pay a certain amount of your karma back. Some people will pay a lot of karma back in one life and some will only pay back like a small bit. Ah, this is how it is that you have some peoples with sometimes very eventful adventurous lives.

I would like to say at this point that not all karma is bad. People tend to look at karma as though it is all negative it is not, there is good karma. There is the rewards that you reap for good deeds that you do and this is karma also, so don't always consider karma to be negative. Although we have in the days past focused mostly on the Lessons of Life that the karma brings and this sometimes in the minds of peoples seems to be negative. There are good things about karma. Karma brings blessings as well, even the ones that you are learning the Lessons of Life from will bring a blessing with it.

It will bring a release from the things that you had been carrying, the burdens that you may have been carrying in your Soul. You will sense when you have paid back a karmic debt of great magnitude, it will feel as though there has been a shift in the Universe, particularly in your Universe. And the same is with something good and you do something good in your life it is very possible that you are doing this to atone for something not good that you did to that Soul in another life.

So is that in the same way as some people express that as earning merit?

Songee: That is right. Some peoples say that in living a good, honest, clean and holy life that when they go to Heaven that they will have many good things written in the Ledger of Life so that they can go to the Great Ones in Spirit with a clear conscience knowing that they have got many things on the positive side of their Ledger of Life.

And not be proud about it.

Songee: That is a secret, we have a not to be proud about it, unfortunately very often that goes hand in hand and it goes a long way to diminish the value of their goodness. The goodness comes from kind words spoken, gentleness offered, beauty shared, creativeness shared and offered. Love without condition. Smiles, warm embraces, being there the moment when somebody needs some assistance - not being there for them all the time only for that one moment, you've been put in their path for that one moment and then you move on. Not to pat yourself on the back for all the things you do - to do them and say, Oneness, Thank you for giving I the opportunity to serve you - and moving on with the life and waiting for the next opportunity to arise, not looking for return for the things that you do for Oneness in the life. All these things come to the positive side of the Ledger of Life.


But even with ego not all ego surely is bad ego, has a degree of ego works to help build self esteem.

Songee: This is right I have never said that ego is wrong. I have always said to peoples that ego is very essential to your life, you need it, you need it to function. It helps you to integrate yourself in this World, it helps you to form your identity of what you want to be and who you want to be both inside and outside of yourself. So ego is very important.

What is destructive about the ego is when ego takes over and dominates and in the what we were speaking about before, about the portents the ego could get in the way of what Spirit is saying so that the person's own ego-self gives their own rationale for whatever it is they are saying and ego-self when it's destructive will only give love with conditions and so on and so forth. I will love you however I can't love you when you do this, I don't like it when you do that, so I can't love you. You cannot say that you love someone without condition and not love some of the not so nice things or the things that you don't you approve of.

You all form your own ideas of what you approve of and don't approve of. You have your own values and truths that you would like to live by is that not right, and this is part of your ego-self, these are the things that form the personality that, that you have grown around you through your life, and they have an important part to play. When your ego-self is fearful, is not sure of itself and so on and so forth, that is very damaging for the expression of the Spirit through the Soul into manifesting on the earth plane. It makes it very difficult for the Soul to manifest it's beauty on the earth plane because the ego-self can be damaged and is not able to let that part of itself out, to let the beauty out, because it doesn't recognise the beauty within. And that is what happens with the damaged ego so the ego is very important. You need to nurture it, love it, be gentle with it and also be very firm with it because like a small child it can become very unruly, so it has to have discipline the ego-self.

(end of tape)

Can't do anything for themselves. Are they here for a purpose because they're not really...

Grumpy people at the end of life

Songee: Certainly they are here for a purpose. When as a living thing, an organism, you come towards the end of your life - supposing you do come to the end of your life and you are not able to do things for youself, that requires that as long as you have breath in your body that somebody has to do something for you, is that right? Is that right?


Songee: So in doing for these people, those that are doing the doings, are learning something from the experience. The Soul is reaching the end of its journey, its adventure, it is preparing itself to return home to Spirit and part of that preparation is letting go of life and giving over to life, do you understand what I'm saying?


Songee: So the Soul is letting go of life and in doing so hands over to life and says, I can't do it anymore, you need to do it for I, you need to help I, I can't do it anymore. And the Soul may have been when it was able to integrate itself with the body well and was at the height of it's life, may have been a very strong independent sort of person. The ego-self may have been very powerful in its 'I am' you know. It might be that its ego-self did not accept help from other peoples very well or very readily, that it was mayhap sometimes often one that would give much help, however did not know how to receive. Never learn-ed in the life how to receive.

So, when the old person comes into the life sometimes they are very grumpy old persons and they are grumpy because they cannot do what they used to do. They don't like being receiving from other people in this life and so they get grumpy about it.

They're losing control, sense of control or being in control.

Songee: That's right, and control is not good. When you have control 'beware' you will always lose it somewhere along the line of your life. Somewhere it is going to go out of control this thing whatever it is you believe you have control of so beware. It is much better to learn very early in your life to let go of control and practise 'management' - management has flexible boundaries, control has rigid boundaries, learn management, learn how to receive.

Is it correct to say this is my child, this is my car, this is my land? The word mine is it...

Songee: This is the ego-self saying this is mine.

When the Soul comes into manifestation within the physicality and the mind and has management over the ego-self then the words that will come forth will be this is a child of I. It may be that saying my child means only to let ego-self that it came from the body. It may be that it, supposing it has not come from that body its come from somebody else's body and you have made it yours.

Ah I'm not happy for this what it is word.


Songee: Is that right. So this is it. Then it is come of your love, this child has come of your love it becomes my child, it's my child, my love, my expression of love in the physicality, and yet there is a knowing that possession is not part of that 'my', that expression of 'my'.

However what I was saying about the old peoples is that when you encounter the old peoples that are not grumpy, that they are gracious in their old age it is because they are able to receive and they can teach a lesson to everybody about how to receive in life. So the lessons continue right to the last breath of life. Is that not wonderful, the adventure goes on to the last breath and the Soul learns all the way.

Euthanasia and Abortion

Then what do you think of euthanasia?

Songee: Oh we have speak about this before have we not, about having the taking of the life.

So that would be considered like suicide really.

Songee: I have sayed to you, to peoples, that this is one of those subjects that is very much like the subject of whether to take the child from the womb or not. Every question that comes to challenge humanity about their values, their ethics, their Spirituality and so on and so forth, come for a purpose. So that were you to say now to yourself, I understand that the Soul becomes one with the physical expression of the new life from the moment of conception. Suppose you understand that - accept it know it in all your being and have a conscious understanding and awareness and empathy for that, then no matter what happens in your life you would not take the life of a child that has just been conceived, you know.

However supposing that you don't have that knowledge, you don't have that knowing, then it may be that you will take the life of the child that has just been conceived. Does this make it right for someone to sit in judgement of you for taking the life? Do you have the right to sit in judgement of that person - no you do not. That is not your place to do it.

Everyone of you will act according to whatever your deepest principles are, your knowledge of your Spirit what your Spirit tells you is right or wrong, and when somebody wants to finish the life before time it is still taking the life before time. However in this manner in which you are speaking which is for that Soul to say, I don't want to be in this life any longer because I am sick and infirm and I'm going to get worse and I don't want to be here - they may feel that they have a right to bring their life to conclusion.

Now this matter of taking the life is something that has been present throughout your history of human-kind. It is not new. In some Tribes you can take your life in this way and it is part of your culture. It is acceptable to do this in among your people. There is not a concept that were you to take your life before time that you are transgressing the Law of the Cosmos because there is not the understanding. So you don't sit in judgement and say, Well they are being wrong so they are doomed. When they return to Spirit they will find out for themself the truth of it, they don't need you to tell them they'll find out for themself.

When there is somebody that is in this way of being when they are very, very determined, their ego-self is strong in its determination to complete this thing then that is what they will do and nothing that you say is going to stop them. So you have to accept that sometimes the Souls of people around you are going to do this thing. Nothing you say or do is going to stop them, they have to find out the truth for themself when they go back Home. You don't tell them you can't do it because it's wrong, you are breaking Cosmic Law. They don't care because for them what is paramount for them is that they do not perceive in their life that there is anything of value in their life. When you can assist them mayhap sometimes to find what their life is valuable for, even their pain and suffering may have a value and how that is a gift, their presence in life is a gift to those around, and you can teach the people around you about the gift that this person is giving to them, then you stand some chance of turning them away from their decision.

And that raises the question do you have the right to change them away from their decision? Is that right?

When you work for the Light you always work for Oneness, you always work to bring healing energies to people. When you are working with somebody who is going to die anyway then it is good to be able to bring healing energies to help their transition in whatever way it needs to happen so you use whatever Oneness gives to you to help them, to ease them onto the next part of their journey.

So this thing about euthanasia is a moral and a spiritual challenge to human-kinds, for you to look at it, not to sit in judgement of others, to look at yourself and to look at what you would like for youself in your life. To know your Soul, to know your boundaries, to know what 'you' would like to do in your life and 'know' that were you to take this action that you will find out the truth when you go Home anyway. And even though you may not take that action you will still find out the truth when you go Home anyway.

Euthanasia for animals

We are presented with this challenge every time we have an old sick animal. I am presented with this challenge.

Songee: That is right and it seems to be that there is one law for human-kinds and another law for creatures, is that right? And just as you have creatures that you do this for there are plants and things that you do, trees - standing people, you do this for them also when they are sick and they are going to die and they mayhap are going to be dangerous in their demise to other things then very often you remove them do you not. However in nature, you look at nature, nature does not interfere. Nature makes it go in a pattern of life, of cycles. Something gets old or gets injured and cannot manage any longer what happens...

They're often cast out of a group and that made the arrangement...

Songee: That is right. And very often...

...and they fall behind and they starve to death and they die.

Songee: That's right, that is nature. For your minds, for your sensitivities, your sensibilities you find this painful especially when you have engaged in a bond of communion with the little wolves or the little tigers or the little rodents or the birds or some such thing.


Songee: You have engaged your emotions, you have engaged your heart and you have placed on those creatures your, some of your personality and some of what is you has gone to them and some of what is them has come to you. You have this exchange you have a bonding together.

Now the nature of creatures and plants and so on and so forth, they come to you to teach you certain lessons, to do certain things with you in this life. They do not make war on each other. They do not say, I will only love you when I feel like it - they give you love without condition, they stay with you even though they may be able to go somewhere else and go out of your life and yet they remain with you, how is this because they have come to bring something into your life.

Now creatures and life around you in nature is in a different – I have not the word for this. It is different to human-kind.

They are in a different environment.

Songee: It is not environment it is...

(More helpful words.)

Songee: Oh that is too much like putting it into box. They are...

Different energy.

Songee: ...more unself, much unselfish you know, much unselfish. Very often human-kinds give love to each other and it has conditions attached to it – they're selfish, know, selfish, self-centred and the so on.

Self orientated.

Songee: That is right. Where as with the creatures, and with plants and so on and so forth they are not this way. They make not war upon each other, trees do not fight trees.

Cats do.

Cats fight cats.

However that's governed by their nature.


Songee: You're looking at nature. They are not making war on each other to kill all the time, they are usually to hold territory, to hold their wives, to make babies so on and so forth...


That's what drives human-kind as well doesn't it? That same drive...

Songee: That is right however I come back to that in a moment that is very accurate however there is another element to human-kind that is not there with animal kind you know.

The enjoyment of it.

Songee: The enjoyment of hurting other things for the sake of it, this is what separates human-kind from the beasts and the plants and so on. Human-kind enjoy things for the enjoyment of it whatever it is. Animals, creatures enjoy things because it is their nature and it is part of their life and giving love to you is an added thing that they do, they trust and come to love you, they give you all of themselves without reservation you know.

What about that ginger one?

A plate of food, not much to ask, it is very demanding. (Laughter)

Songee: However because of this you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility to honour what they cannot do by nature.

We won't let them bring mice into the house.

Or rats.


Sorry Songee.

Songee: That is alright. You have a responsibility to look after then when they are sick and they are unwell and they are getting to point of being very old. And when they reach a point where their sickness is so much that they are suffering then you cannot, because of your emotional bond, leave them to pass from the life like they would in nature because of your emotional bond. So you take them and have them put to the long sleep and the creature understands what you're doing and is grateful for your intervention at this point. They know and they will say thank you to you.

The creature that is ready will tell you when it is ready to go, it will ask you, Please I need to leave you now. I have completed the task I came to do with you, it is time now, this is one of the last lessons I can teach you how to let I go. How to do this thing peacefully without prolonging the pain and suffering any longer, I need to go. Were I living with other peoples of my kind in the wild I would be long ago not here because my peoples would have put I out of the group or would have - I would not have been able to feed the self.

There are exceptions to this, I come to that in a moment. So the difference is between human-kinds and animal-kinds and plant-kinds is that you do it out of love, you do it because of the bond and because it is a natural thing – it's developed to be the natural thing because of your union with them.

How many of you would honestly say that your much loved friend and companion of life like the little wolf or the little tiger or a little rodent, that were you to see it in great suffering and pain and so on and so forth that you would not do something like this, eventually.

Oh, I always doing something.

Songee: Some peoples do this thing because it is more convenient. That is not right, because sometimes they do it before the creature tells them that it is ready to go.

I have done that too and at the time you know I had great justification for doing it and mainly it was because of a very selfish reason that I could not do this thing anymore with this animal even though they weren't ready to go I just couldn't manage it anymore myself.

Songee: So there was a lesson involved so right to the last breath the creature is teaching you lesson, it is saying you something.

Lesson afterwards too because anything you gotta get rid of all the guilt and all that stuff as well.

Songee: Yes that is right is everything else that goes with it. So there's so much that the creatures bring to you unselfishly, you know. There is much to ponder on is there not? Much to take into your being and to sort about inside you and to come to youself with some idea of what is right for you and what is right for others.

So you are right that human-kind also are driven by this same things that you were saying before. However you also right when you say it is enjoyment of some of these things that human-kinds will enjoy. Some human-kinds enjoy hurting other peoples. Look to yourselves, look honestly into your being from childhood to now and be truthful and answer the question within your own being have you at any time point of your life gained great pleasure from getting revenge on something or somebody.

Yes I fully accept this responsibility yes I have beaten my sisters to a pulp.

(Much laughter)

Great to be human.

Songee: This is what being human-kind is you have all these things. Do we sit in judgement no...

Thank you.

Songee: will be your own judge and jury, you don't have to have anybody else do it for you.

Forgiveness and freedom

When you grow and you come out of this and you grow into your new lives then you look back and you say, Oh my goodness perhaps the earth ought to have opened up and swallowed I up at that point. However you will be very glad it did not because here you are looking back and realising the things that you didn't do so well you have learned something from it, so that is good. Then you can say thank you to your siblings for allowing you to learn so much and ask them please would they also say thank you to you for teaching them many lessons of life and then you're both free of each others debts, free of it. You gain forgiveness that's right.

Freedom, freedom is something that you gain when you let go of the burdens of guilt, of fear and you have learned to say thank you for the lessons of life so you have let go of hatred, animosity, need for vengeance so on and so forth, for revenge, and you gain freedom with forgiveness. Forgiveness brings freedom and yet freedom brings with it...


Songee: ...responsibilities. You then become part of a greater freedom, you become the responsibility of some other greater freedom - what is that? You gain freedom by giving your life and everything in it and so on and so forth to Oneness. I have said this to you before.

You gain forgiveness by saying thank you, you cannot gain forgiveness any other way.

Somebody says to you, I have sayed or done something very terrible to you, I am very sorry will you forgive I. What do you say?


You're forgiven.

Songee: Yes you're forgiven - what does that mean?

Not a great deal.

Songee: What does that mean?

From the heart cos well it means that you 'hold thy mouth full of the mending'. You love them.

Songee: How to, how do you know that they have learned their lesson, how do you know they're not going to do it again, how do you know that they truly atone and are not just speaking words?

You don't want to know, they ask forgiveness and you give them forgiveness them so you don't need to know that.

Songee: And then they come and do it once more?

You forgive them again.

Oh I believe will put yourself in the same position again.

Thank them for doing that.

(Lots of comments)

You would hope they wouldn't make the same mistake again by not allowing yourself to be in position where it could happen.

Songee: What else? Keep going.

If you really forgive them and I think for some reason they won't do it again.

Is that because the individual doesn't have any attachment to that situation anymore it's, it's been completed now and they move on so they're no longer placing themselves in that situation.


Forgiveness is actually breaking the pattern of something.

Songee: That's right. When you forgive somebody something how many of you have had something done unto you and somebody comes to you and says, Will you forgive I, I am sorry for this thing. And then I don't know how many moons later you are talking to somebody and you say somebody such and such do this thing to I in this life at one time of the life, however I have forgiven them. Have you done this?


Songee: Then you have not truly forgiven them. Forgiveness comes by saying thank you. So for you to forgive them 'they' need to say thank you, 'they' need to say thank you.

Well they normally do don't they if you say I forgive you they normally turn around and say thank you.

Same words again.

Songee: When you say to them what have you learned, have you learned something from this did you gain something for yourself from this, did you get a realisation for yourself from this thing. And suppose they say to you, Certainly. You can say, What did you learn for yourself, how did it help you in your life. And they can say what has helped them in their life and then you can smile and say to them, That's good I'm very happy you have learned that thing.

It happened to me a few times when people would say I'm sorry or yeah they forgive something. I would usually say to them like I wasn't offended there is nothing to forgive the only thing is you have to forgive yourself or say sorry to yourself.

Songee: And how is that going to help them?

Good question.

Songee: When you encourage somebody to look at themself, forgiveness is not the word. You say 'I forgive' - this is our word, it is an expression, it is - in part it is an emotion of somebody has humbled themself and now you have power and you are forgiving them. So you are - it is like ah person has given you - first of all they take your power then they come to you to give it back and in the exchange of saying the words 'I forgive you' you are taking back your power and some of theirs as well and they are left a little bit short.

Forgiveness is a happening

What I want you to understand is that forgiveness is not a word, forgiveness is a happening. It is something that comes about as a natural result of an individual knowing what their action or deed has caused for themself and others, what lessons they have learned from it, what things they have gained to enhance their lives and knowledge of themself.

Mayhap, I give you example - somebody is indulging too much in ah substances that alter their minds you know whatever it may be, and while they are in this way of being they start to say bad things about people, you know, peoples around them. Mayhap they have a lot of anger and unrest inside them so they say many, many bad things and in doing this there is a hurt created and somebody says to this person when they are not under the influence of these substances, Do you realise that when you are under the influence of these substances that you said this, this, this, this and this about these peoples and you have caused a lot of hurt to these peoples.

And that person says, Oh perhaps I had better say I'm sorry. What good is it for them to say they are sorry to these peoples when they are going to go and take mind altering substances again and repeat the whole process all over again. Mayhap they're going to do it anyway.

However suppose somebody, one of those people says, Well forgiveness is something that comes from realisations, what do you have learning from what you've done. And say, Have you learned anything from it? Do you have anything that you feel you can change for your life out of this? Is the pain that you have inflicted on I and the suffering, is my suffering worth something? Have you learned something from it. And suppose they can say, Yes I have learned something, I've learned that I am not good to be around mind altering substances and I have to do something in the life to make that different. Then you can say, Then my suffering has been worthwhile thank you.

And in saying the 'thank you' comes the forgiveness. You don't have to say I forgive, it 'happens' it is there and even though the person may go away and attempt to hold to their resolution it may be that their compulsion is too strong for them because of the pain they carry inside themselves, then you are not affected by it because you have truly forgiven because it has come as 'A Happening' not as a word from your mouth or your mind, you know, it is 'A Happening' do you understand what I'm saying to you?


Some people when they're ready to forgive us some people, hug the person, come and hug the person, don't they, that would be the same thing.

Yes that's a thank you.

Songee: That is right they will say thank you I've learned something, thank you.

Songee when we do that when we say we forgive them then we should forget about it so that it doesn't really come up in a conversation later then talk to someone else about them.

Songee: So you 'should'. Listen. Sitting in judgement of yourself you're hitting yourself with a big stick so you are better to not use the word forgive as such as a cure, you know. Be aware of when you use this word in what context you're using it. Supposing somebody says to you, I'm going to come and see you at this time of your earth life - and something happens and they don't get there until much later and they say to you, I'm very sorry I'm late.

I'll kill myself for you. OK...

(Laughter, this comment from someone who is always late. Songee is laughing.)

Songee: You can say to them, That's alright I forgive you. And it is something you were saying for form, good form is that right and you are letting them know that you are comfortable with this thing. It is not something that has gone deep with you, however when something goes very deep and somebody asks you for forgiveness then you need to mayhap find out what they have learned from it.

Certainly you can go on and say, Well I can forgive you however it would be the forgiveness will only happen when my suffering has been worth something to you, you know.

What about if you say to them or let's say they come, someone comes, let's say someone came to me and said I'm very sorry I've come to ask your forgiveness and I said to them well it's good because you really hurt me in what you did. I've actually done this so how acceptable is that? I suppose if you do it has to be.

Songee: You can say that certainly however you can also say, Mayhap you have made some realisation that your action, the word you did was not correct and what is it about it that was not correct that you found for me, to request forgiveness of I?

Usually it's opened up a conversation which lead to the same thing.

Songee: That is exactly right and what I'm saying is that forgiveness is not just saying, I forgive you goodbye, you know, it is let us join together, let us find now, let us for a moment of time come together as human-kinds and make a connection because these little things...

(end of tape - some words are missed while the tape is turned over)
Forgiveness - continues

Songee: is one of the things that helps you to learn.


Songee: You are most welcome.


Songee: I'm keeping you from your dream-spirals.

Well we were late to start with, Songee.

Songee: So you understand that this is one way that you can break your karmic cycle by practising, say Thank you, you will create all this forgivenesses around you and then you will learn to break your Karmic Cycle.

Very well. I will go now and leave you, you are all getting ready for your Dream Spirals. Mayhap you like to have your dancing for yourselves to sing the happy song of the Child of Music.

And I go from you and leave you with all the knowledge of the things that you have asked to know and some of the things you've not asked to know.

And the power of these things to help for yourselves in your life


So Be It

Songee: And remember with this, dance and sing and enjoy yourself and know that you are all one people...

I have a suggestion – well, while we sing and dance can we send love to Songee?

Songee: You can send love to all of the Universe, it is all needing it.

I leave you now.

Music: "Life is Forever" from the album "Botanica" by Jeffree Clarkson.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)


1. Moon Cycle - Songee seems to be talking about the passage of the Moon moving through the Astrological Signs. The 13th Moon Cycle comes about since Ophiuchus has become more easily sighted from our Planet. It occurs between 29th November and the 17th December.
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2. Formal Practise - Songee's Teaching at this link:
The Disciplines - The Formal Practice at this link:
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Transcribed: Christene Hart

Music: "Life is Forever" by Jeffree Clarkson from the album "Botanica"
"© ©1998 Jeffree Clarkson Global Music".

"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them." SONGEE
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