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Dead People Speaking
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Dead People Speaking'
A Teaching from Songee - assisted by Sally 25th March 1999


Physical Body and the Soul
Sally - how it is to be a dead person
Sally - Continues
Baby Souls returned from the Dark
Baby Souls
Understanding an Energy

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This meeting was held at Roberta-Margaret home in West Auckland with six people present.
A name round was done to introduce everyone.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light,...
So bright,...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you...
Be at Peace...!

(Music from Denean's 'Fire Prayer' was played in preparation for Songee to come and be with us.)
Music: "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

We have a returnee and a new lady today.

Songee: Most beautiful. I am most pleased to say for you and to know that you have walked the path of discovery and learned much and taken much into your being. All is a preparation you know, for other things and your returning to this place of being is a signal for you to be aware that your path is now going to open up for you to begin seriously doing your work. Now that you have a better understanding of matters around you. There are within and upon your life areas that you are going to have to tidy up and to focus your energies towards developing your learning so that you will be able to better help others, you understand? It requires of you that you are going to need to make some studies and to make scribings down, you understand? And in doing this you will learn much and it will open the doors for your people in spirit to guide you to where the work is for you. That is how it happens. You will discover it as you go along just allow it to be.

And greetings to the other also. Your path is written for you also to walk the path of helpfulness to others although your path of learning began many moons past and this one is just beginning.

There is much for you to do, much for you to learn and much for you to teach. And supposing that you are interested Songee is more than happy to give you all the information that you need.

Now I am going to give you speaking this night upon something, possible not for very long, only for a short while because I have surprise for you and I'm not going to tell you what it is otherwise it will not be surprise, will it. So...

The Physical Body and the Soul

First of all I am going to talk to you about the physical body and the Soul within the physical body and please any time you have a question please ask I about it as it pops into your mind. And suppose I am in the middle of speaking something I will endeavour to answer it before you ask it. That's for your earth time to pass does it not, so.

Human-kinds as you are understanding it, are walking the planet and they have inside of you an energy that you know as the Soul and when the time upon the earth plane is finished that Soul returns to spirit and the body returns to its former way of being which is back to the earth or back to the waters, or back to the air - all of these things and returns to matter.

That's the physical?

Songee: That is so. The physical it is broken apart is it not. Sometimes peoples choose many different ways to make for this for their bodies. Sometimes they putting in the earth. Some peoples put them high on poles up in the air for the air to take them and other peoples will put the bodies into the waters of your planet, is this not so? And some peoples will give them to fire. Now there are many concepts amongst many different peoples about what is the right thing to do and how your body is put away, how the flesh is put away is not really all that important. It is only important in the minds of man-kind. It is not important in spirit. I am talking about how that happens.

Now there are certain things that do need to be observed and most peoples in the different tribes of the world honour these different things, in the same way. The body is left untouched, in so far as I'm meaning - it is not disposed of. It may be cleaned and honoured and blessed and washed and all those manner of things, it is touched in this manner however it is not disposed of usually for a period of earth-time and often that is 3 of your passings of your sun and moon so that you have 3 days for the Soul to be certain that it has departed the physical body. Remember in the past there were no such thing as your machines to tell peoples whether there were still activity within the body. They had to be reliant upon feeling and knowing whether the heart is beating or not.

However there are conditions of unwell-edness that human-kinds can have from time to time where it can give the appearance of there not being any life. Indeed the person seems to have quit their fleshly casing and gone upon their way. So it is usual to give some earth-time passing for the body to be truly free of the Soul.

The other matter is that in the disposings of the body. In the past some peoples would ensure that the Soul had indeed departed by certain rituals. Sometimes they would let the blood out of the body and this would be the task of the Shaman of the tribe and was a very secret procedure and done so that the peoples of the tribe would not be distressed. And something that was handed down through the different Shamans as they trained the next in line. And this knowledge was keep sacrosanct by those who had this, they were the keepers of the secrets you see. So.

Oh that is your machineings.

(The telephone rang as Songee was talking.)

Songee: So All is well?


Songee: So... Oh perhaps I am letting the feline out of the package, perhaps I am not suppose to do this thing.

So there are other methods that were done also. Sometimes the very fine thing, needle-like knife was pushed into the body in a place where it would not be seen, the wound, and pushed into the heart to pierce it so that it could be certain that it would not begin to beat again. Many things were done by the Shaman to ensure that the body remained a body, that the Soul when it had indeed departed could not return to it by accident. Also as part of the protection of that body that no other Soul could come and make life in it. And for them it was an honour to protect that body from possible invasion of a spirit that may not be a very nice one. So begins the beliefs of the different peoples to protect.

Now among the peoples of the earth there are some who say that when they have died from the earth that there is nothing else and when they are challenged about it will often come back with such words as this - that no-one has never come back to say about themself. In other words that the dead do not speak, they do not come back and speak. Boulder-dash! There are many examples throughout your history in many different tribes of peoples in spirit coming back and speaking with the peoples of the earth that they have left behind.

The Christos is the first that comes to mind.

Songee: However that One, the peoples have taken up that with the belief that by following those teachings that they will not have to have earth life. Indeed some of them believe they have only got one earth life in which to do all the good deeds that that One speaks about. This is not sensible because your life is too short to achieve perfection in one life time. However what this One is referring to, of course was the termination of karma by learning to love one another. By learning to turn the other cheek when others are cruel to you, then you will learn not to seek revenge for wrong doings to you and in this way you will not incur karma so that when you return to spirit you are then able to come back to the earth for how many life times are needing to come to repay whatever karma you have until it is all gone and then you are free to pursue the rest of any life times that you want to have for your own perfection. And when you have reached that point then you can come back and teach others, can you not? This is the way of it. And in this way everybody helps everybody else. Everybody guides everybody else along the Path of Enlightenment.

Now I am going to leave you for a moment and I will come back.

Sally - how it is to be a dead person

(The Group listened to some music while Songee faded back... and then Sally1 arrived in her usual loud way. Sally is now a 'guide' to Roberta-Margaret. She presents in the persona of her last lifetime as an Cockney waif about 12 years old who looked after a number of small homeless children in London.)

Sally: Hello me old cockers.

Hello Sally. There are a few people here who haven't had the pleasure.

Sally: You know what I come to do?

What you come to do?

Sally: I was told that I could come and talk to ya because I am a dead person.

(Everyone is laughing)

Good God. What a surprise.

Sally: Ya, in't it good eh.

This is Sally by the way in case you didn't know.

Sally: Cor I must be famous. Hi de do.


Did you want to be famous? Don't you dare mess her up.

(Sally often does things to Roberta-Margaret's clothing - hide her shoes, tie her dress in knots.)

Sally: Oh can't I have a bit of fun?


Sally: Ohh.

Fix her toe and then you can have some fun.

Sally: Already done that, look. (Sally is banging the toe on the floor.) All fixed in't it.

Wait till she comes back.

Sally: No its alright now, I've sorted it.

Tell us what it is like to be a dead person.

Sally: Right well I had better start at the beginning hadn't I, when I died.


Sally: Cos that's when it began for me was when I died. That was really not very nice cos I was choking see and when I was choking I was awful cross because I wasn't supposed to be choking, well I didn't believe I was supposed to be choking, anyhow I felt it was a great injustice. So as I was choking and my eyes were sort of popping out of me head an me tongue was going black an I saw this light see, an there was these two people there an they said Come along we will take you to the light now.

I was real cross ya know. I didn't want to go into the light because I was too bleeding angry. I'm gonna say it because I was, I was too bleeding angry so I didn't go. I told them to hop it, I did. And the next thing was I felt alright ya know, real jiminy cricket, fine, nothing, perfectly alright. I could breath, I weren't choking no more. "Cor blimey," I said to myself, "this is rum in't it?" An then I found I could walk through walls and things and everybody was looking at my body what was hangin from a rope. An they said, "She's dead!" Well you could have knocked me down with a feather ya know because you know I didn't know about being dead. There I was in this place fit as a door nail. Well after that I felt well I can't hang around here, I have gotta get out and about and do some things. I have to go and check up on my babies and see that they're alright cos they were still struggling to live and get on with life like so I had to go and find them didn't I.

That was a bit, a bit of a bother ya know, cos they couldn't see me an the only ones that could see me were the little babies. The little babies could see me an the dogs an the pussy cats an the birds an the squirrels. Cor them bleeding squirrels. They don't half go on at ya, they sit up a tree an they shout at ya. They really do. Anyhow I get away from the squirrels.

So I sort of wandered about an looked after the kids a bit an made sure they didn't fall down no holes an made sure that some of them stayed warm an every now an again one of them would die ya see. Well it was really quite interesting because I found that they had these two geezers with them an all. They all had two geezers what came along and said that they want to take them into the light.

You talking about the Doorkeeper and Guardian?

Sally: That's right. Anyhow they come along an they find the Soul whot was coming out of the body, ya know it comes out like smoke? It's really pretty, it sort of just drifts up it does out the head, comes out and it hovers and it takes on the same form whot it had when it was on the earth to begin with. Anyhow these geezers would come an take them away. And I was very happy for them. I didn't want to go. I hung about to keep an eye on Nat ya see. Cos it was Nat whot got me hung. So I did my best, here an he had two Geezers and all. So I did my best with him to help him not to be so naughty. It didn't work.

No if he didn't listen to you when he was alive how is he going to listen to you now you are dead?

Sally: That's right. An its awful funny ya know, when people see dead people they get awful peculiar, they really do. They do some really strange things. Sometimes they look at ya and they sort of say, "Na I didn't see nothing." An they pretend that they didn't see ya. It a bit of a bother ya know. An other people they look at ya and they damn right bleeding scream as though you are going to punch their lights out or something, they really do get quite upset and very frightened. So I'd to be very careful as to whose walls I walk through cos some people used to get real upset. The children were alright, they didn't mind talking to dead people. The children were the best.

Anyhow this went on for a bit and then I got sort of, well the only way I can sort of describe it see it that there was this, it was like a little bit of pressure, like a wind and it sort of came from behind and the sides and when I attempted to sort of go against it, it got stronger, so that I had to go forwards an this pressure keep happening until I found myself in front of a big, big light. Wasn't like the other light whot was there when the two geezers came for me. But there was this bright light. Not quite as bright as the other one but it was bright and it was very pretty. It had a bit of pink and blue and stuff all round it an sort of swirling all through it an everything. It was really very pretty an an awful lot of purple. An I felt this wind pushing me a little bit more and a little bit more, closer and closer to this light see. Well I was quite curious, I weren't frightened or nothing. But I didn't know what it was see. So I was a little bit reluctant to go and find out what it was. I had never seen nothing like it. An then I found the wind pushing me so hard that even though I dug my heals in...

Hello you ain't you gorgeous, ain't you beautiful, oh you're lovely aren't ya, ya come to see me. You see me all the time. I come and play with you and tease ya don't I and then they all shout at you. Don't tell her that will ya. She get really cross with me. (Sally is talking to one of the dogs who have come up to sit with her.)

Anyhow this wind pushes me see an it pushes me and I find meself choking again. Well bleeding hell it was not very nice. It was like being choking all over again an I didn't know what was goin on. An that was not very, an I was a little bit frightened then ya see, I found myself being a bit frightened and I couldn't breathe. An then the next thing was it sort of went away an I found myself in a body and it weren't my body cos my body had gone a long time ago. They buried it in a pauper's grave, that's whot they did with my body, they buried it in a pauper's grave. Anyhow I found meself in this body see and it were very peculiar, different to mine. It were a different shape, an it were older, an it felt all wrong. An then I been real frighten so somewhat I shut my eyes see an then I very slowly I opened my eyes and I had a peep. An there was this person sitting opposite me an looking at me an they was writing things an I said, "Cor blimey" and they laughed. An I said, "Are you real?" An she says "Yeah I'm real." An she says, "Are you real." And I says, "No, I ain't real, I'm dead." Well we had a little conversation, we did. An it turned out that what had happen was I had been pushed into this here body see. This one here, this one. (Sally sounds astounded that anyone would do that to her and is referring to Roberta-Margaret.)

Serves you right.

Sally: Bleeding cheek. Fancy stuffing me in here. I was real, I really was very cross. Bit bewildered.

Was the lady's name E who was talking to you or somebody else?

Sally: Yeah that's right. Anyhow I had this very, very tight feeling round the throat and I said, "Have I still got that neck tie on". An she didn't know whot the bleeding hell I was talking about. It was the rope whot that I had round my neck and it feels like a neck tie but its hanging up ya know. Anyway she said, "No you haven't' she said, "because it's not on that body whot you're in." An she talked to me and told me whot was happening. Well again you could have knocked me down with a feather because nearly 3 hundred years have gone past hadn't it. In a blink of an eye. Real quick it was. Here you gonna let that cat in.


Sally: That's better come on then come an see me.

She was knocking on the door.

Sally: She's a bleeding nuisance that cat, she lovely though, I love her she's beautiful. We are very good friends. Eh ain't we?

That's right.

So you were being rescued?

Sally: Well that's whot it turned out to be. Not that I believed I needed being rescued mind. I mean I was quite happy tootling around doin me own thing.

But that wasn't the way it was suppose to be, though was it Sally?

Sally: NO it wasn't, anyway, let me get on. Whot's your bother?

I am attempting to write whot you guys are sayings, sometimes you go to fast.

Sally: I am very sorry to disconboberate you.

I'll manage.

Sally: Do you want me to speak a little bit slower like.

No keep going.

Sally: Anyhow after all this talking an stuff I got asked did I want to go into the light. Well I said whot alternative have I got.

(Much laughter.)

Sally: An I got told well they didn't know whot other alternative I had, whether I could stay on doing whot I was doing or, I did tell them about the wind, they didn't know about the wind. Nobody knows about the winds. It's the first time I told anybody.

That's right, it's very true I hadn't heard about it.

Sally: So anyhow, I got asked to have a look around an see whether I could see anybody. So I did an there were these two geezers whot were there before when I saw the light before, they were there. And they said, "Hello Sal". I said, "Hello". An I knew em, an you know whot I knew em, I didn't know em before, I didn't know their names, I knew their faces. They was familiar but I didn't know their names. Anyhow I knew then, I knew their faces I knew their names, an I knew whot they were an I knew they come to get me. And I said, "Well where the bleeding hell have you been all this time." An they said, "We been here waiting for you to see us only you were so trapped in whot you was doing, you couldn't see past the end of your own nose." So that's whot it was. I was so cross that I shut em out. Isn't that wonderful? Fancy being able to shut em out. Well anyhow they said, "Are you ready to come now?" and I said, "Yeah but hang about," I said "Whot happens now? Do I go and disappear now or whot happens?" And I got told, "No you can come back and you can be with the people on the earth and you can help them if you want." I said, "How do I do that?" And they said, "Well we will train you and show you whot to do."

Well I quite liked the idea of this you know because that's whot I really wanted to do see. I wasn't cross no more and I said, "Well who will I go and help?" and I got told, "Well you can go and help people by going and sitting in a body like you doing now and talking to them or you can go and stand in their aura and you can help them by whispering in their ear and you can guide them through their lives and be their friends." So I felt this was rather a nice idea so I asked if I could stay with this body whot I come into and I got told, "Yes I could."

However I was also told I couldn't stay right that minute but I had to get out and go back with these two people into the Light so that they could show me proper like whot to do. Anyhow that's whot I did. I went with them and I went back into the light and they took me to see some other people and they told me all about my life and they showed me everything and they showed me all the other times whot I been alive and it was wonderful. And then I said to them, "Here is there a catch?" An there is always a catch in't there? In't there always a catch, you always saying that in't ya? There is always a catch. So I had to have a look to find out whether there was. Well you never guess whot the catch is?


Sally: Once you start helping you ain't allow to stop.

That's a good one.

Sally: I don't know.

So you started as a helper didn't you?

Sally: I started as a helper yeah.

You are not a helper now though are you?

Sally: No.

Tell them how the change happened.

Sally: I am a guide now.

How did you get to be a guide?

Sally: Because I was good and behaved myself.

(Much laughter as Sally does not behave herself.)

Sally: Well I did.

Did you go anywhere for further training?

Sally: Yeah.

(end of side one)

Sally - Continues

Sally: Just give me a minute because I gotta to pull it together because it was an awful lot whot happened. And there ain't no time involved in this and I got taught an awful lot. And I went and looked in all these books and they showed me all the things that I done wrong, didn't like that bit.

Where were the books?

Sally: Oh in this bleeding great big library and there is a funny little old fellow, he ain't very big he is only about this size, knee high to a grass hopper he is and he has a big long white beard and a lot of white hair and he has a wrinkled up prune of a face but he has real smiley eyes.

He's a lovely man, so where abouts is he?

Sally: He's in the library.

What's it called?

Sally: Akashic records.

A lot of people don't have this information.

Sally: Oh right alright then. Anyway that where we went to have a look and we had a look at all the past lives, we had a look at all the naughty bits. We had a look at all the good bits and then I had to sit down and work out whot it was I needed to learn. See? You might ask whot was all this is aid of. This was so that I could get born again. Well when I found out that this was whot it was all about because I did not fully remember that and I found out that that's whot they sort of got planned for me I told them, "I so bleeding coco I ain't going back just yet," I said, "I want to do this helping lark." So I got told I could put it all on hold for a little while, isn't that nice?

Put your next life on hold?

Sally: Yeah, yeah. So now I coming and I'm helping. And I am helping.


Sally: Some may believe I ain't much help at all but I am. I am a very good help.

Even though you are rather expensive.

Sally: Oh we will sort all that out. Anyhow don't worry about that. Anyhow so then I said to them, "No I am not going to get born again yet. I don't want to go back yet".

Well part of all this learning I had to do was to go and find all the Souls whot were part of that life that I died where I was hung and wasn't my fault and had to go and find them all and some of them had been reborn again, so I had to find them and talk to em. I couldn't talk to em while they was awake because they don't know nothing while they are awake. I had to wait till they went to sleep and catch them then you know as they sort of pop out I had to say, "Hoy come here I want to talk to you." So I would have a chat through em about whot happened and they was very remorseful so I forgave em and they went on back to their bodies and that was it. So I don't have to worry about none of that because I am not cross with none of em anymore.

I understand now see that it was all part of one of them things whot happened as part of that life that I had. And them after they had shown me all the in an outs of things and I had to go into spirit and go into the physical world, how to get into people's aura and how to get out of em again as that came be a bit, alright I won't say that, I will be very good. I was about to say they are a bit of a bar-steward to get out of sometimes. (Sally is speaking this in a hushed voice as though it is a real big secret.) A little bit tricky.

Some peoples auras are real sticky like glue and you get stuck in them you know. Like getting stuck in fly paper. And you get one hand off and the other is stuck.

(Much laughter)

Sally: So you push to get your hand off and then that one gets stuck and this is whot it's like it's not very nice. SO you have to learn which aura is gonna be sticky and which one are gonna be clean.

Well the colour would tell you wouldn't it?

Sally: Yeah but I had to learn all that. And sometimes you go into a person's aura and its all foggy, real pea souper stuff it is and you can't...

(Someone coughed)

Sally: Yeah that's whot you do you cough and yer can't see a bleeding thing. You are like this, you don't know where anything is, you bump into the person. Dreadful. So I had to learn about that sort of stuff, how to find me way out of it in all.

Why are the auras so different?

Sally: Well it's all whot the peoples do with their bodies and with their lives yer see. It mucks em all up. I know they choose it and all that however it don't change whot is happening to their aura when I want to go and have a look inside or help em or something and want to go in and its all dirty. It's like putting on a smelly sock. Poo it stinks. I don't like doing that however I have had to do a few of them dirty jobs. And part of the reason for doing em dirty jobs is to teach me and it was also to help to clean em people up, right?

And also sometimes the people whot was with them people were having a very difficult time of it getting through to their person whot their in charge of. So I learned a lot doing that I did. And then they bought me back to her. (Sally refers to Roberta-Margaret as HER and Songee as SHE.) And when I came back to her there was all these other people there that I hadn't noticed before. There is two penguins, (Roberta-Margaret has two nuns working with her and it is supposed Sally is referring to them) there was a fellow in a white coat although he sometimes wore a cape and a top hat. He's real funny, he's real funny how he changes that. (Sally is referring to Dr Sven) In spirit you can change yer clothes just by putting it in yer head and you got different clothes on. Real easy.

Anyhow and then there was this little Chinese boy, oh all right Japanese, (Fo Yung is Roberta-Margaret's Doorkeeper) and then there is this great hulking great fellow whot is real tall, much taller than I am and he has feathers in his hair and goes around with half his clothes on and he's only got a bit of trousers to cover up his diddle. (Sally is referring to White Eagle, Roberta-Margaret's Guardian.) So he was there and I had never seen them before. Well it was a real surprise. And I said, "Whot they all doing there?" and I got told they all guides - well that one's a doorkeeper, that one's is guardian and thems is all guides and they are all there to do something. And I said, "How come there are so many? Whot you want all them for?" And I got told because they all got a different job to do and they're all bringing their own little bit of knowledge when its needed and teaching it through her. Well I found this right interesting and then the man in the white coat said, "Are you prepared to learn something?" and I said, "Yer course I am." He said, "Well come with me and I'll teach you all about colours."

Well I went with him and we went into his, in his - he's got a sort of a funny little house and it's got all these bottles and things and a big bench and all these tubes and things going up and down. And everything is - got things with little fires under things and all bubble and go up and down tubes and come out the other end and something else. And then on the walls he's got these, he's got these shelves which go from the floor all the way to the top with all these books on and then in another side he's got a big sink with tapes and he goes in there and he does all his washing up and stuff in there.

So he took me in and said, "I teach you about colours." So he taught me all about the colours and then he gave me the job when I am working with her, of moving all the colours around so that peoples in the room whot your in on a physical world movin all them colours around for healing.

Now I gotta sort of put it together proper for yer because it's a little bit complicated. Inside all of you you've got colours, right? You all got your own colours and in spirit all of us have got our colours as well. Right? And the planet has got its colours and all. Now sometimes when you come together because of the different things whot happened in your life your colours sometimes don't really quite blend very well together, they are a little bit, a little bit dodgy. So whot I do see, and it's got nothing to do with your Doorkeepers and Guardians this little bit because this is my job. I come along see and I pour a colour in whot's going to bring them colours together so that they, they blend a little bit. Now sometimes Him whot's up there, that guy whot you sometimes see sitting on a cloud...

(Laughter as Sally is referring to God the Father.)

Sally: He tells me to put this colour here, this colour there and this colour there. And I know now that when He tells me to do that, that there's gonna be some god-almighty explosion because He's the one whot made it happen, see? Very, very clever it is.

Where do you get the colours from? Does He provide them as well?

Sally: Oh yes it all sort of just happens, it sort of appears just there like there in my hands there, and it just sort of trickles out, falls out or fountains out or goes puff out, wonderful it really is good fun and we do all this painting lark with all these colours around everybody and it does some wonderful things.

So I got that job. And this is Dr Sven, that's his name is Dr Sven, well he told me cos he's a dead person in all you know, they are all dead persons. The Japanese man, I keep calling him Chinese, the Japanese man and the other fellow, the Indian fellow with no clothes on and the other two penguins they are all dead people like me. And it was really interesting because they come and talk to people too and give a little bit of their information and their knowledge and their teachings and in between they will go off sometimes and do something else.

I don't go off nowhere because I like staying where I am cos its very exciting and I work with Dr Sven because he can't come and give speeches to you because his voice is too deep to come through her. For him to come through he'd have to have a voice that would be down in her boots and that is not physically possible with the voice box. It can be got down quite low however it gets to a point where to go down any lower for any length of time would damage it. So it ain't done. So whot has happened is there has been an arrangement made and I come and tell yous whot he's telling me to tell yer.

That's right and it works very well.

Sally: Sometimes he writes it on the board for me to read it off for you because I don't always know whot it is he's gonna tell yer and I don't always understand all the words whot he's using. I used not, I'm getting betta at it now, learning a lot yer know. And, so he used to write it down on the blackboard for me to read out to yer.

So there yer are.

Very good.

I've got a question. You know those two geezers that were there for you, the second time, the second time, did they stay, did they have a life in between or they just stayed with you?

Sally: No they couldn't go nowhere until I went back into the light yer see.

I wondered.

Sally: They were a bit cheesed off with me and all. Everybody is very nice in spirit. Nobody really gets very angry with anybody else and there's a wonderful sort of pink over every bodies, very nice and everybody's kind to each other.

Oh that's nice.

Sally: There are a few people, well I don't know if yers really call them people, there's a few peculiar sort of things whot ain't very nice, only they don't usually come into where we are anyway. They's belong somewhere else anyway, so they don't usually come in with us.

But part of my job when we have to go and look at the people whot have got these nasty's with em is to use the colours to help to get rid of these nasty's. Bit like spraying bugs it is. Did you know you can get bugs on you? You can get bugs on you. Spirit bugs. Black little bleeders they are. And they stick on the outside of yer aura. And they suck all your juices, psychic bugs they called.

Have I got any?

Sally: No nobody's got any here.

That's because Sally has sorted them.

Sally: You couldn't have em here because when yer was to walk in the door they would all fall off. It don't mean yer don't pick em up on yer way out but yer ain't got em when yer come in because they all fall off see.

Well we will all have to stay here.

Sally: Wouldn't that be a surprise. If yer ever suspect that yer got one of em bogs all yer got to do is talk about it and come and get some help. They very easy to get rid of. There are some of those other things that is bit harder to get rid of.

Anyway I didn't come to talk about all that I came to tell yer about being a dead person. Its real good being a dead person, yer can go anywhere yer like, yer can wear anything yer want, yer can be anyone yer want, yer can look however yer like and yer can help lots of people.

And how is it you choose this persona?

Sally: Because this is the one I lived last and I quite like it.

It suits you.

Sally: I have a lot of fun. I was really quite a happy sort of person yer know and I wasn't really a bad person. I wasn't always a very good person in I stole things but I stole things so that I could have food and clothes for myself and for the little ones, see? I never stole nothing from no-one whot was poorer than myself and I never stole nothing from someone whot had only one of something. So if they was baking and they had two apple pies I et one. Fair wasn't it? We couldn't get work, there was no work to be had. We used to do little jobs running errands and things for people but because we was orphans living under the bridges people looked down their noses at us and they was a little bit frightened of us and they, they said we was bad and would burgle their houses. Some of them used to burgle houses but I didn't burgle houses. I didn't do anything like that. I was actually very good.

Anyhow that's whot it's like being a dead person and over in spirit it is beautiful. It is really beautiful. Everything is so bright and pretty and the colours are so beautiful, ohhhhhh and its so peaceful. And it's real, real nice being here and there ain't no reason to be frightened ever of going Home, because that's where our Home is you know? Home is back with all of us.

Did you know there is more of us than there is of you?

There has to be.

Sally: There's a lot more of us in spirit than there is of you living on the Earth.

Each of us has got at least two spirit people, so most of us have got around twenty.

Sally: That's right, and everybody back Home.

Sally have you seen any Indians that are chiefs?

Sally: Yeah well the one whot's here ain't a chief, he's a Shaman. He's a medicine man, like the other one. Did yer, she's got two medicine men hadn't she.


Sally: Bleeding greedy I call it. Two of them. One of em does the medicine from the old times before they had all the knowledge whot you got now and the other one does the medicine with some of the knowledge like you have now only he was just a little bit behind whot you got now because he was dead a little while ago, yer know? But there is two of em. And then yer got, yer got the penguins, and one of the penguins...

Who are they? The sisters.

Sally: That's right they look like penguins don't they.

They look like charming ladies to me not penguins.

(Lots of laughter)

Sally: Well one of them is a blue penguin and the other one is a black and white one.

That's beautiful eh.

Anyway, these two delightful ladies...

Sally: One of them, one of them she, she, has also got, she also used to look after people when they was sick and all and all that sort of thing as well. So she's got three people whot look after sick people.

That's very handy isn't it?

Sally: It's an awful lot for one person you know? I don't remember seeing anyone with three. Yer might have one now and again but they don't often have three.

It depends on what they are doing in their lives. The incarnate people.

Sally: I must admit that everybody works real well together and we have an awful lot of fun yer know, especially with them kids. Them kids are really good yer know. They come and help when we doing the healing. And they are real good with that bucket.

They would need to be otherwise you would tell them off.

Sally: Oh yeah, I need em there to catch all the rubbish when I pull it out. I do that you know I do operations on people now and again. I'm get inside and I poke around and find a bit whot's not suppose to be in there and pull it out and throw it away and the kids that it away in a bucket and get rid of it.

Are these children at the orphanage? Are all the children...

Sally: They looked after by the black and white penguin ladies.

That's right. Are they all the new Souls that have been bought from the dark?

Sally: They, yeah they are all Souls whot come over from the dark and they, they may have come over and not gone straight into a life, yer see and they come over and they stay there and they are taught things and while they are there they grow a little bit, yer know? And they come, come up a bit and when they are a little bit older then they will have a life time. Sometimes the babies will go and have a life and they usually go to a more primitive, a more primitive people because the primitive people are closer to the Earth yer see? So they are closer to their spirit understanding. So those Souls go and get born in those groups of people so that they can learn all about spirit again and how it works and all the beliefs and that of the people and thing and when they come back into spirit they bring all that knowledge with them and then they grow up a little bit more and then they go back and all the children stay in a big house. And the, the nun whot is in blue she helps.

Yeah alright then (Sally is listening and taLking to someone in spirit) the one in black and white has asked me to tell yer that her name is Sister Mary Teresa. And the other who is laughing at me cos she's really, she's a lot of fun yer know, she really is. She loves teaching the children and she's a lot of fun and she's a lot - she rolls around on the grass with em and that's a lot of fun. She's lovely and her name is Sister Celestine. And she comes to talk to people occasionally when she ain't busy with the children.

Can I go now?

Yes you may. You have done very well, you haven't moaned once which is quite delightful.

Sally: Right.

Thank you very much Sally.

Sally: I'd betta go cos I have to catch up with her yer know, she's gone off and gone off with him with the feathers (White Eagle Roberta-Margaret's Guardian) so I'll go and catch up and find out whot she's up to cos she needs looking after yer know, she's a bit of a bother. Alright I'm going now then, Ta ra and I, I, I am very upset you wouldn't let me play no tricks of her.

OK Sally you be upset.

Sally: I play some tricks on her next time eh?

We'll see.

Sally: Alright then ta ra.

(Everyone says goodbye to Sally, there is a long pause and during that time Songee manifests into Roberta-Margaret's body.)


Songee: I am here. Now you know what it is like to speak to a dead person. Do you not?

We all know what your surprises are like now. (Laughter)

Songee: Perhaps next time I will not tell you I have surprise. Now do you have any questions for I?

Yes I don't understand why there are children in spirit. I believe that spirit was of one age moving from cycle to cycle.

Songee: That is so. And this is part of another lesson that you have not yet had yet yourself. It is lesson Songee have given before time however you have not knowledge of it. So I will tell you and answer your question.

Baby Souls who have returned from the dark

Upon the earth there are some beings who live, that are not very nice people, they belong with their hearts in the dark, you understand? And they do dark deeds for the one of darkness. And they practise many dark things. In the fullness of time they leave the earth plane, their bodies go to the earth or some such thing and their spirits their souls return into spirit. Only they don't go to the light, they go into the Pit. And when I say to you that they go into the Pit, believe it. The Pit is there to collect these Souls, and it is lorded over by the Dark Energy.

Now those Souls that are in the Pit also have the opportunity to come back to the light only they do not have the opportunity as those in the light to progress. They are not given opportunity to look at their lives, look at their mistakes and want to correct them and to come back and be better Souls. They are ruled by the one of Darkness and the one of Darkness uses them to further its own ends. And so on occasions there are born into the world truly evil Souls.

Now every human being that comes upon the planet that is walking in the light has right to choose before they come to the earth to have whomsoever they are going to have come and be with them, do you understand? Now the Souls that come from the darkness can come and steal the bodies and take over the bodies as they are being born. Sometimes there is a weakness, a weakness that is brought about sometimes by the mother damaging their aura in some fashion and some part of their life and it not be repaired properly.

Now this does not mean that mother is guilty, this is not so. It just is part of their life plan that this is going to be a weakness there. Now the Doorkeeper and Guardians do every manner of things to ensure that they are protected, however supposing at the time of birthing the mother is given something into the body that is making their resistance low. It makes it more difficult for Doorkeeper and Guardian to do their job and so it leaves a little window of opportunity for the Dark Soul to enter in.

Now before time I speak to you about the different peoples of the world and the different customs that some of them have to ensure that the bodies were gone, they also had customs to ensure that the mother that is giving birth to life was keep safe from evil spirits. How many of you have heard of this with different places of different peoples of different lands where they ensure that the new child that is coming into the world, the new Soul, is protected from evil spirits. And the Shaman of the tribe will perform certain ceremonies and things will happen to protect this and strengthen the light around the mother and the child and to give the Doorkeeper and Guardian opportunity to do their work well. You understand?

Now when these Souls that are not nice come into the body the Soul that is suppose to be there is displaced. It is not able to return to spirit because it was planning on having this life in this body. So it is dispossessed, displaced, pushed to one side. And it remains with its physical body until such time that the physical body quits the earth once more and the Dark Soul returns back into darkness. And then it is freed to return to spirit itself. Now we talk about that part of things another time.

However the Soul that goes back into spirit it is possible that by being in this body with the Soul still there and the Souls can be a very strong one and it will do its very best to teach this Soul how to be a better and good Soul. It will shine light on it to push away the darkness. It will assist it in whatever way it can in order to cleanse it of its dark past and to help it to find a little spark of light within itself so that when it returns to the Pit it has within it a little spark of light and while it is in the Pit this little spark of light - glows and lightens up the darkness for them. And the more they focus upon it the bigger it will grow until there comes to them a realisation of where they are, what is happening to them and then is born within them a need to not be there anymore. And the Soul then cries out to the light and says, "Please save me I don't want to be here anymore. Rescue me, take me out of here. I know understand my inequities and I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to be here. I don't want to be governed by the Dark One anymore." And when the Soul says this Oneness is most joyful and that is when He dispatches one of you to go and fetch them. Not the Doorkeeper Guardian because the Dark Soul does not have a Doorkeeper Guardian. And cannot dispatch Angel because Angel does not go down into the Pit because they are too bright and it will hurt the eyes of the Soul that is newly awakened, you understand to the light. So beings of a little lesser value of light are sent, not that you are not of any value, you are of great value however when we speak of light and we speak of the intensity of the light I speak of the value, so the intensity of your light is a little less than that of Angel or the peoples that you have working with you in spirit so you are closest to this realm in vibration and in light.

So you are dispatched in your sleep with your peoples in sprit and you go and you hold out your hand to this one to bring them out of the darkness, to bring them out of the Pit. This Souls are usually full grown Souls as yourself, you understand? And as you bring them out and you take them in your arms, put your arm around them and your peoples come with you and you take them from the dark into the light. And in the process of going from here to there, there is between a little space where something happens. The Angels come down to about half way and as you come up through this space with this Soul they begin to get younger and then when you get to the place where the Angels wait you hand over the Soul to the Angels. And the Angels take them they turn into small baby and they take the small Soul back into the light. And this is called being born back into the light and it is the most beautiful thing and Oneness is very joyful when these things come to pass because it is a Soul being returned once more to the light.

And those small baby Souls are then cleansed and wiped clean of all their previous inequities. The dark no longer has power over them, it can no longer make them do what it wants them to do for its own gain. That Soul then has the chance to move through their lifetimes and grow and learn and become strong in the light once more. It is not beautiful? This is how you get baby Souls.

Babies that are born upon the earth that die before you consider their time because they are only babies, some babies are born and they don't take breath, they leave the body of the mother and they never take breath, this does not mean that they were not alive...

(end of side two)


It was surprising how much of it we actually missed (while the tape was turned over)...

Songee: Let me have a look. Ah so we were taking about the mother that has the baby that does not take the breath and that body has indeed got life before it expires at birth because the Soul is attached to the mother from the moment of conception. Now this raises many conundrums in many people's breasts because there are those of your world who have babies removed from their bodies do they not? And I will say to you this - remember that all Souls choose before they come the events that are going to transpire upon their life as lessons for that life, including the Soul that is taken from the body of the mother that Soul has also chosen before it came that this what is going to happen for it.

So do not beat up the peoples who make for these decisions and be wicked, bad, wrong, evil or any manner of thing of this nature. You all as free Souls in spirit have the right to chose what it is you will have upon your life. Make no judgements of others. Allow that you don't know everything. Have compassion. It may not be that you have chosen to do that in your life and because of this understanding that you have been given it may be something that you would never have happen to you in this life on purpose by your own decision, on your life however do not make judgment about those that have made it part of theirs. Even the ones that seem to be irresponsible about their bodies and continually create new beings only to destroy them. Remember they have chosen it before they came.

Let's look at this for a moment. Because it is very important before your time goes all together. This is something that is dear to the heart of many peoples. Many peoples make judgments of such females that do these things and they are very hard in their judgments of them. Let us look at it from a spiritual point of view.

You are in spirit and you have taken your life in a previous life and finished before it was time so you have to make up time. So you are shown that you can have a life and only have a short few weeks of it inside the womb of your mother and then be able to leave it behind and then that is that part that you didn’t finish properly you will have completed that time. You understand? And it may be that you only want to do that much and then have another life where you go from start to finish. So before that one is born you have a talk with each other and you arrange together for you to come to that Souls as part of their life, would they mind. Now that Soul can say to you, “No I don’t want you to be part of my life I don’t want to have that experience thank you very much.” And you then you will not go to them. However they may say to you, “Well that is going to be a very powerfully strong experience and indeed I believe my Soul would benefit from this and yes I will do this for you.” So that Soul is born and grows and duly has the small child. The child goes back to spirit and the one is left on the earth with all the emotions of it. All the recriminations to the self, all the recriminations and judgments of the peoples around them and they have to learn to deal with it. They have to learn to find a way through their pain.>/p>

Now when you look at it from a spiritual point of view, is this not a beautiful gift that that Soul is giving to that one who only wants to come for a short time? They're giving a powerful gift of love whether it is recognised consciously by that being or not, it matters not, it is a gift of love because it has enabled that Soul to have its short life that it wanted and needed and then allowed it to go free so it can begin a new life again and start and go to its completion. So look at things sometimes with different eye than the one you have of earth. Look at them with your eye of spirit, with the eye of love and then you will notice more. Remember that sometimes those Souls have chosen very hard lives and come to learn the lessons of responsibility to themselves. Sometimes that is one of the ways it happens to them. You may in your conscious self wish it to be otherwise and that is also part of who you are in this life however you are now here listening to Songee, so you now have opportunity to alter that within your being and be a little different do you not?

You cannot be different until something different is presented to you, until you are shown something from another point of view. When you want to look at something with eagle eye go into the body of the eagle and fly in the sky and look down at the land and you will see things differently. When you want to see things from the ground go into the eyes of the small creature that is down on the ground. It may be little mouse, it may be serpent, it may be mongoose, it may be ant. You can go and look through their eye and get a different view of the world. Ponder on that.

Baby Souls

Songee I still don't understand how the baby spirits are going to, if there is not concept of time how do they end up being adult?

Songee: They grow. They are taken into spirit by the Angels, the Angels come and take them into spirit, the babies and they are taken and they are placed with other babies and other childrens that are growing and learning, understand?

Did all the children get there through the same way?

Songee: That is so.

So if there is not concept of time how long does it take the baby soul to become an adult soul? Because a baby soul doesn't, as I understand it revisit earth only an adult soul.

Songee: The baby souls are taught until they grow and learn a little and then they are born into primitive culture. They are not baby souls when they are born into primitive culture they are perhaps small souls, small children, not babies. The babies remain in spirit in the Light being taught all that they need to know about the different life times they can have and they are brought up slowly. They are brought to know of the Light first and taught about the love that is there. They are nurtured, they are loved into growth. It is different to how it is on the earth plane, very different. On the earth plane a baby requires milk to suckle. In spirit this is not so. There is no need for the sustenance that you know on the earth. The sustenance that comes to them comes from Oneness.

But the adult spirit doesn't age? The adult spirit is ageless.

Songee: The adult spirit stays the same and can be any age that they want to be. They can present themselves as very ancient being when they come back to the earth plane to show themselves as spirit person. They can come back as very ancient being or they can come back as child or young person. And usually they take the form of a life that they have lived. One that they have had upon the earth plane that contains all the knowledge and the information that is required in their role as Doorkeeper, Guardian, or Guide to the person that they are coming to.

So that is a soul within a soul?

Songee: No. You have to get away from the idea that there is limitations. There are no limitations in spirit. In spirit the soul can imagine themselves to be tall or short, fat and thin, old or young, man, woman, girl, boy, understand? They will take upon themself the form of a life they have lived. The features of a life they have lived. In spirit there is no form, there is only light and when the form is taken it is taken for purpose of learning, of teaching, of showing and it is taken so that there is a familiarity of the soul in preparation when it comes to the earth.

When the souls travel from one place to another, they don't need to retain their form. They appear in a form, return to light, travel, return to form again. This is how they do it. So the baby souls are all souls that have been bought from the darkness into the light and then they are nurtured and loved and there is no time. There could be one hundred of your earth years pass before they become small child and yet in spirit it is as though it is just like that. (Songee snaps the fingers.) There is no time. You have to lose your concept of time when you ponder on spirit. It doesn't exist. The rules that you live by here do not exist over there. The earthly rules of time, the rules of kindness and love - those exist in spirit but not the rule of time, there is none.

When you go to sleep you pass out of your body and you go into spirit. And there are different - you may call them dimensions, there are different levels of awareness within spirit that the Soul can travel on these different places of awareness. And the first one is the astral plane that you travel. I nearly said train and I mean plane, you travel it and you journey on this. And then there are other levels beyond that. And the Souls that develop their awareness will move into those different realms, depending upon their level of awareness that they develop. And the Souls that are on the first plane beyond the astral plane cannot go beyond that until they have returned to the earth, had their lifetimes and moved up with their learnings, you understand?

So when the Soul begins this cycle of going to the earth and coming back into spirit it travels from the first plane and it is born into life. Lives its life, finishes its life and returns back to the first level again. And so it goes until it is progressed through.

Now the amount of learning that the Soul will do in one life time is decreed by that Soul. Now because they are baby Souls or young Souls does not mean that they don't have the intelligence. It is only that they are young. They have not grown and matured. They have not yet travelled all the dimensions. They have not passed through all the planes, that is what gives maturity in spirit. I am using a word of earth to describe something of spirit and it is a little, it is not quite like that. It is different. The Soul becomes full in its power when it has gone through all those planes, those dimensions. And it travels back to earth and back to spirit until it has learnt.

It can have a life of many learnings that will bring it through the first level very quickly or slowly. And the knowledge that it needs to have it comes to it, even though it is small child, it will come to it, it will understand. Not like your baby childs of earth, that when you speak to them they look at you and they can't speak the word, they can't make their arms and legs move the way they would like. This is not how it is with the souls of spirit. You have to put aside this concept that you have in your mind of babies of earth and babies in spirit being the same because the rules don't apply. They don't eat, they don't scream, they don't have waste products so they don't need to wear wrappings on their bottoms. They don't have these things, there is no need for them.

Some peoples like to imagine them as being like the baby angels with little wings on their backs. Only they don't have little wings on their backs. They are Souls same as you just smaller. And as they learning and they are, growth happens so they move through the different planes.

Now that's the only way I can give it to you at this time because until you change your concept within yourself you can't move past that. When that changes in you that realisation, you will feel it and you can help it to change within you by doing meditations, by asking your people in spirit to take you out and to show you and to introduce you to the baby Souls, and to learn. You can go and visit the Hall of Akashic records and you can look at your own life times. You can meet with the peoples in spirit and discuss things and you can learn to bring that knowledge back with you. And when you do you scribe it down so that you don't lose it. Ask them to show you and then when you bring the knowledge from there to here it becomes conscious knowledge and then you will not have difficulty in understanding because you will feel it and you will know it. It will be a knowing inside you, and not just words that you are hearing that are been given to you. Do you understand?

It's a pretty full explanation.

Songee: However understanding the concept is something that has to come. I do not say to you or to anybody else, believe it because I say so. Because you have to feel the knowing within youself, you have to feel it in here. You can't know it up here in your head, you must go deep inside you to find it because your Soul knows the truth of it, your Soul will feel it when you allow it to, when it comes and then you will know it.

It's time Songee. (Whispered quietly)

Songee: I know it is.

Understanding an Energy

Can I just ask one question?

Songee: Ask the others if you might, it is their time you are using now. Ask!

It's ok, its fine.

Can you tell me about the energy that I have been feeling lately inside?

Songee: It is the beginning of changes that are taking place for you. It is healing energies that are coming to you to make difference for you. You have been asking for some changes have you not?


Songee: This is it.

It feels like my doorkeeper, I don't know if that's right or not.

Songee: I am not answering you, you have to learn to feel. You know how to do it and remember the healing energies will pass through for you for the changes to take place.

Now I go.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: Go properly this time I not leave you any surprise. Would you like to dance, then make for the musics that you have of the dancings and let your hearts soar with the musics and dance with the peoples of the earth.

What particular one?

Songee: Number nine.

And so I am going to go and leave you with the dancings and the joy and the light, the power of all of this, and the peace and the love, may it shine on your life and be with you and I am going to dance a little with you and then I will go because when we dance together the energies move around the room and join and they co-mingle together and this is beautiful.

Remember the hand dancing.

(The Music was from Denean's CD Fire Prayer "Ancient Ones".)
Music: "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

We all enjoyed the music with Songee. When Roberta-Margaret returned she had been rescuing Souls that had been bombed.


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